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SWOS 16/!7 released! FINAL PATCH ON DEC 11th!

It's finally here!!!


Enjoy the game, as much as you did 20 years ago.
It is not meant to be perfect.
The world of soccer will never be.

It shall capture a moment in time of football history.

(Final patch to be released on: DECEMBER 11th)


written by Playaveli @ 2016-11-20 11:24:55

Join us on DISCORD

From now on, our main chatroom is on DISCORD.
Join us, to play online and sign up for leagues and tournaments! Click the button to join!

DISCORD Chat for SWOS United 

written by Playaveli @ 2016-10-29 06:17:01

Blazej wins the DOUBLE!

Blazej Urbanek (POL) is new DOUBLE WORLD CHAMPION of SWOS!
He won both, AMIGA and PC, tournaments, on 20th/21st August.


Blazej double winner

written by Playaveli @ 2016-09-01 03:05:14

Sensible Days 2016 - SWOS WORLD CUP

Join the World Cup of SWOS!

More info:

SWOS World Cup

written by Playaveli @ 2016-08-04 08:45:04

May season review

ASL1: Nestoroide crowned himself as new ASL champion. He collected an incredible amount of 55 points. Playaveli came in second, whilst lemonheadiv took away the bronze medal. In the bottom of the table it was a real fight. Bobbie, patigoal, SPIR and nunoportugaln will be relegated.

DSL: bomb made a great comeback season, clinching the German title. This month, he will reappear in ASL1, rejoining the highest league by veteran rule of being an ex-champion.

SEP: assura won the title, just ahead of cinek.

PPL: lemonheadiv won the PC title for the first time. This might be a taster for Sensible Days in summer, when he will participate in PC and Amiga competitions.

written by Playaveli @ 2016-06-01 02:57:01

Austria rocks german league

Ruhbi is leading the table and may be only stopped by a bomb like AndYpsilon. This time german league is really active and played frequently by 12 people. There were some nice surprises and we will wait for new in the 2nd half of the month.

As admin it is nice to see that 3 players have already finished all games :)

Link to Tournament

written by ElMichaJ @ 2016-05-17 09:39:22

ASL news

Congrats to assura for winning ASL! Most consistent player this season!
Daveman deleted, porcupine and loozak go down to ASL2... Come back stronger, guys!

Congrats to all ASL2 players for an almost completed season (2 missing matches have no effect!).
Congrats to Manuel, nunoportugaln, Patigoal (only by goal difference, sorry Emmeti) for winning promotion to ASL!
Barnett, gabry and AndyH go down to ASL3... nevertheless, you put up a good fight to avoid relegation. Good luck next season.

written by Playaveli @ 2016-01-31 10:17:08

Klinki wins Eifel-X-Mas-Cup 2015

For the first time ever, Klinki has won the long-established Eifel-X-Mas-Cup. After victories versus Schulle (quarter-final)
and Paider (semi-final) he took the title by beating ElMichaJ 4-2 on agg. (2-2, 2-0) in an intense final. AndYpsilon came
in third after a close 4-3 victory (3-2, 1-1) versus Paider.

A respectable amount of 17 participants joined the 10th edition of the traditional PC-SWOS cup that offered great matches
and an amicable atmosphere once again.

written by AndYpsilon @ 2015-12-14 03:37:27

Playaveli (PC) and Blazej_Bdg (AMIGA) new World Champions

Am Wochenende des 1./2. Augusts krönten sich Playaveli (auf PC) und Blazej_Bdg (auf AMIGA) mit dem Weltmeistertitel.
Beide Turnier standen ganz im Zeichen der späteren Sieger. Playaveli gewann alle (!!) seine Turnierspiele auf PC, während auch Blazej_Bdg auf dem Amiga durchweg seine Gegner dominierte und im Finale den letztjährigen Weltmeister djowGer schlagen konnte.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! 

written by Playaveli @ 2015-08-19 02:56:59

Danish Cup 2015

Last weekend the annual tournament Danish Cup was played for the 24th time. 21 players from Denmark and Sweden were participating in the tournament. In an exciting match andib beat djowGer 5-3 to win the final. One of the danish upcoming stars Team Oelkohold won bronze after a thrilling match against SPIR, which Oelkohold won 5-2. Next year Danish Cup will be in February.

Link to Tournament

written by andib @ 2015-06-01 10:25:25

ISSF and CL with new admin

Our ISSF Board has a new admin. His name is BOMB! He will administrate the both ISSF Cups. Many THX to Bomb that he will help us. Please support him as much as you can. I would like to some nice Tournaments. Have Fun !

written by ElMichaJ @ 2015-05-04 04:29:53

OFFLINE SWOS rulez, even in 2015

Although some SWOS communities are currently taking a SWOS break (e.g. the SWOS teams of Serbia, Czech Republic and Italy as well as the Hungarian Crew) especially the Danish and German communities have started well into the SWOS offline year 2015.

The Aalborg Crew hosted two tournaments in January - the local "Mega hertz cup" and the famous "Nordic Open", a big tournament of 19 players with three international guests from Germany. HeinAir already hosted three local cups this year (even attracting some new players): Two editions of "Mülheimer Lokalrunde" and "Keypad fun cup". Last but not least the Eifel Crew organized the third edition of SWOSter Bash with a decent number of 12 participants and an old veteran returning to offline SWOS: Craizinho.

Furthermore, two offline events are already announced: The "Danish Cup" in May and this year's Sensi Days in Lubin (Poland) - a highlight that no SWOS fan should miss.

written by AndYpsilon @ 2015-04-08 09:30:13

Marin Parushev wins Eifel-X-Mas-Cup 2014

Reigning PC SWOS world champion Marin Parushev from Bulgaria added another trophy to his impressive collection of SWOS titles: He won the Eifel-X-Mas-Cup 2014 by beating AndYpsilon (who played the 8th final in a row) 4-1 and 1-1.

Vice world champion and double X-Mas-Cup title holder ElMichaJ came in third after two victories (2-1 and 1-0) versus Danish SWOS pro Andib. Andib debuted at the traditional Eifel tournament alongside with his mate djowger (Amiga SWOS world champion 2014).

An impressive amount of 24 participants from Bulgaria, Denmark, The Netherlands and Germany gathered in the small and snow-covered Eifel village Sistig to have a great time while chatting, playing, eating, drinking and watching football together.

written by AndYpsilon @ 2015-01-05 01:13:48

Last Leagues in 2014 are ready / Eifel-X-MAS-Cup in December

Last leagues in 2014 are set up. Who will be the X-Mas Champion?

Hint: Try to make your games as soon as possible. As we all know, it will be tough to catch someone during the holidays later....

Traditionally there's a nice tournament in the Eifel/Germany.... On Dec.13th, the Eifel-X-MAS-Cup 2014 takes place in Sistig. The Eifel Crew expects players from Bulgaria, Denmark and the Netherlands besides several local heroes and some German players from all over the country.... Looking forward....
Unfortunately all sleeping places are full, so time for winter camping. Cool

Have fun!

CU 2015!!!
SWOS rules

written by St.Vitus @ 2014-12-02 11:07:18

Matchday 4 starts

Bobbie is leading the table without a point loss, but how long this will last ? we will see ^^

The table is getting interesting for first speculations!

Link to Tournament

written by ElMichaJ @ 2014-10-13 11:10:31

First matchday done

The first matchday is completed and we could see some interesting results. Three players are without a loss of points, but this could easily change on second matchday, which will start on Monday! Thanx to all players who played right in time, so lets move on !

Link to Tournament

written by ElMichaJ @ 2014-09-27 11:02:52

Sensi Days 2015 w Polsce!

Największa impreza offline znowu zagości w Polsce. Tym razem gospodarzem Sensi Days 2015 będzie Lubin. Sukces organizacyjny gwarantują Dior, Foka, Pączek, Dżem i Xflea.

Proces przyznania turnieju Polsce można prześledzieć tutaj -

Aplikacja Polski-Lubina na gospodarza Sensi Days 2015 -;topic=25667.0;attach=9702

written by Spankin @ 2014-09-26 10:23:50

Online Funcups - 2014 - 15 weeks - Matchday 1

A week later as planned... but now we start the first official cup with a matchday rule.

The first matchday has started now! Please play only this first match until Sunday.

1st Matchday:

Basto_PL vs andib
migg76 vs Nestoroide 
Loozak vs CocaCola 
armandojimenez vs ElMichaJ 
HeinAir vs Rock and Roll 
Western vs AndYpsilon
barnettgs vs ruicosta10fc
OCRAMI vs bobbiebobras 

Final Note:
This will be an SRN related Cup

Link to Tournament

written by ElMichaJ @ 2014-09-22 03:45:30

champions vs champions

It is champions vs champions, it's winners vs winners, it's fellow sites against to determine who is the world online best player: it's The Master of Swos! and are planning together the following:

SwosIT will pick its 4 Special Events Winners (SwosIT Cup, Summer Cup, Winter Cup and God of Swos); will pick its most frequent Asl, Champions League, IFFS and Euroleague winners throughout a year.

together they will arrange an 8-men tournament, which will go by the name of: MASTER OF SWOS. Tournament format: 2 groups of 4 teams each (2 from SwosIT, 2 from, top 2 teams of each group to advance to the knockout stage,consisting of semifinals and final.

The winner will be crowned ONLINE SWOS WORLD CHAMPION! The competition will take place in February 2015 and will be featured on both websites. WE ARE SENSIBLESOCCERSWOSIT UNITED!"  

written by ElMichaJ @ 2014-09-17 02:05:21

Interview with ElMichaJ

Michael Jänsch aka „ElMichaJ“ founded in 2001. He's not only the website's main admin but also organizer of endless online- and offline events as well as winner of various tournaments. Highest time to talk with the actual PC-SWOS vice world champion about the history of, offline-events and his personal aims for the future.


AndYpsilon: ElMichaJ, characterize SWOS in just three words!

ElMichaJ: Fast, fouls and fun.

AndYpsilon: How and when did you get into the game?

ElMichaJ: I got the game Sensible Soccer from a friend in 1992 and I played it with my brother and many friends at home. In 1997, a schoolmate got SWOS for PC and a group of 5 to 7 players played some tournaments in free periods at school every week. Until the end of school I have played at least 10000 matches of Sensible Soccer or SWOS.

AndYpsilon: You are 'father' of and member No. 1. When did you have the first ideas about this project and what has been your intention creating the website?

ElMichaJ: After schooldays my SWOS posse (number 1 to 4 of the members list of have always been part of it) played tournaments twice a month. Although some players were always favorites to win those tournaments, in most cases noone was able to defend his title. So we decided to introduce something like a ranking list. I am a coder since 2000 and thus I created a program (made in Delphi with text database) to enter the standings after each tournament: A strange formula that put out some ranking results.

I did also some research in the internet to find something about SWOS. I found a lot of fansites and a bigger community called “SWOS Witnesses” from Serbia, who hosted some bigger offline tournaments back in the days. However, I found this Serbian project too late, because it was not very active in organising offline tournaments anymore. But they played some kind of Online-SWOS: Playing a 'szenario-match' like Malta/Germany vs PC and comparing the results. Well, that was not really cool but it was a start.

I created a small website (only HTML) of our Berlin SWOS League and entered every result on that page. Some time later I had the Idea to search for some German SWOS entries to find more players for our tournaments, at least in Berlin, and I found some people who played with us every now and then. The next step was to organize a bigger tournament like the Serbian guys did. The first attempt was a real disaster. I rented a room for 20 players, but only 3 showed up … well, I guess it was my own mistake becuase It has not been planned very well. However, by the same time I came in contact with Redhair. After some talks he showed me a website he created (looking better than mine) and I completed it with backend and database functions. The inofficial date of birth was 4th May 2001. The website started to grow and attracted more fans of the game.

I started another attempt of a bigger tournament at my homeplace with enough space for up to 10 players:

7 players came and we played our first official offline tournament on

I was motivated to improve my skills as a coder and Redhair gave me a lot of designs for planned functions and subpages. So we built up togehter – step by step.

AndYpsilon: Do you have a special highlight in the history of

ElMichaJ: Yes, the implementation of SEGA Online OOO. That was the 'main kick' to build up a bigger community. AMIGA SWOS boosted it a second time.

Personal highlights are the medals I won at Sensi Days as underdog and favorite killer. And that the community lived on during my break from 2006 to 2009.

AndYpsilon: And did you ever want to quit the whole project?

ElMichaJ: No. Only when I am dead or when better and more professional structures are implemented by other SWOS communities. But even then I would try to work with them together.

AndYpsilon: You've already spent a lot of money and countless hours of work to keep alive. Tell us your secret staying motivated after all those years.

ElMichaJ: At some time this community will rule the world, so by then it is not bad to be #1 … just kidding ;)

Well, I've been into some other communities for PES or Counter Strike. But these communities were not really fun for me. The SWOS community is very active and there are always new challenges, tasks and things to bring to life. I only coded functions, but I wasn’t forced to moderate this. But the people I met and still meet are great and I never would give it up!

Visiting other countries, not as a tourist but to meet friends and sensible people from everywhere and play SWOS with them – well, these experiences and impressions are priceless.

AndYpsilon: Today has nearly 12 000 members. Compared to this impressive number the list of active players is very small – maybe 100-200. Do you have an explanation for this phenomenon?

ElMichaJ: We had many more active players who played for many years. At some point they have probably been satisfied with playing SWOS and had enough.

But there are two bigger problems we need to solve. We need more admins (!) for marketing/advertising and helping new players into game. The initial setup to play online is really hard and not easy to manage for newcomer. Can you remember how much time you needed to be able to host a p2p match? It takes a lot of time to help new players and therefore it's not a very popular task.

If we had a game with in-game-lobby and plug-and-play we could reach a mark of 1000 active players easily. Currently, only hardcore SWOS fans are playing online (which is not so bad in my opinion, but not good as well).

AndYpsilon: Compared to the „golden years“ 2007-2011 there seem to be less and less offline-cups: Events like Saltgehtto Cup, Prague Open, Wroclaw Open, the WST's have obviously died out. How do you rate the actual Offline-SWOS movement?

ElMichaJ: The present situation is like a rebuild of structures. The big hype has gone and realitiy is back. Many players took a break because of several things (childs, work, other stuff) but you can still watch some of them coming back from time to time. There are less events nowadays (30 offline tournaments a year was crazy) but hey, if I can play 5 to 10 offline tournaments across europe a year, I am happy (btw. that was my main intention for creating the website => OFFLINE-SWOS).


AndYpsilon: At this year's Sensi Days in Billund you came in 2nd in the PC-SWOS tournament – a great success and certainly a milestone of your career. Any other cups and titles you like to remember?

ElMichaJ: Well a lot: My titles at Eifel-X-Mas-Cup, the bronze medal at an ISSA cup, Berlin “high” skilled tournaments, Polish cups, Serbian Open, tournaments in the Netherlands, Denmark, Bulgaria and Prague Open of course. I remember a lot of tournaments. Once in Prague I was the only one who beat ALI (3-0) - he won the Amiga title without any other defeat. All those little details I will never forget and there is a lot of space for more :D

AndYpsilon: Tell us about your future ambitions – considering your SWOS career and


  • Winning PC SWOS on Sensi Days
  • More community and group features. Trying to implement SubCommunities (atm working together with the polish one)
  • doing a lot more tournaments
  • maybe to manage the project of a real new SWOS version of that we dream of

written by AndYpsilon @ 2014-09-15 07:40:50

Senible Days 2014 - Amiga Final & KO Games

ALI vs djowGer

Link for fullsize:

The rest of the Amiga Knockout games can be viewed here:

written by djowGer @ 2014-07-29 08:18:58

J Cup - DIY 64 Edition

Yesterday we started a big community cup. All active players joined automaticially. There is no need to play, but its a nice to have  

Check out: 

Time for first round matches until 29th of May  

Have fun !


Link to Tournament

written by ElMichaJ @ 2014-05-16 11:47:40

ASL Poll - Summer break for ASL? Please vote!

All ASL Players: Please vote here for handling ASL in Summer:

Thanks a lot!

written by St.Vitus @ 2014-05-01 12:18:05

German English Polish

From today it is possible again to switch between english, german and polish language. There is still a bit to do left. But Spankin and me are working on it and next step will be to include more languages.

written by ElMichaJ @ 2014-04-18 08:10:10

Berlin Open 2014

The Berlin Open 2014 was a very good high-level competition last weekend in bombs home. Announced as BAAH Open (Bombs Alone At Home Open), there was no doubt about the atmosphere - a small place filled with 12 or more (partly filled) enthusiastic SWOS players! The atmosphere was great, the games were great, and at the end there was a surprising final: Andib vs. Playaveli. Playaveli won it after one year without any SWOS practice - congratz and big respect for that! But Andib took great progress in last time and got a totally deserved second place plus the TopDefender Trophy. Marin got Third and TopScorer. In short words: it was a great 4-Nation-Tournament and a very good warm-up for the Sensidays in July. Thanks everyone for coming, I appreciated it. And in even shorter words: Pure SWOS! Keep it going!

Link to Tournament

written by Bomb @ 2014-04-17 05:22:00

Ruhrgebiet Open 2014

In March we had a nice Amiga SWOS Tournament in Muelheim an der Ruhr. Exciting matches, some cups of beer, a lot of fun and finally a surprising winner of the Ruhrgebiet Open 2014. Thanks to all participants, looking forward to the next edition - maybe with some new faces! Laughing


Link to Tournament

written by HeinAir @ 2014-04-04 10:17:36

OGŁOSZENIE: Poszukiwany Prowadzący polskich rozgrywek


Jako, że ulg zdecydował się przejść na wcześniejszą emeryturę :) pojawił się wakat na stanowisku Prowadzącego polskie rozgrywki online.

Do zadań osoby/osób zajmujących to stanowisko należy:

- Tworzenie i uaktualnianie postu ligowego i pucharowego na forum
- Przypominanie graczom, że zbliża się termin progu frekwencyjnego
- Decydowanie o punktach karnych i sytuacjach spornych, pilnowanie aby regulamin polskich rozgrywek był przestrzegany
- Tworzenie i prowadzenie pucharów oraz ligi
- Przyznawanie medali i punktów SRN
- Pisanie newsów na stronie
- Uaktualnianie tematu na kanale
- Inne zadania nie objęte powyżej :)

Co oferujemy w zamian:

- Status operatora na kanale ircowym i plusik na #sensible
- Status administratora polskiej części forum
- Dostęp do tajnej części forum :)
- Dostęp do pisania newsów na i zarządzania polskimi rozgrywkami tamże
- Możliwość współtworzenia polskiej sceny SWOSa :)

Kogo szukamy?

- Osoby która ma sporo czasu i chętnie poświęci go na zajmowanie się polskimi rozgrywkami SWOSa online
- Osoby ze sporym doświadczeniem w grze online, która zna większą część zawodników
- Osoby która zna polską ortografię w stopniu przynajmniej przeciętnym :)
- Osoby cierpliwej i z pozytywnym nastawieniem do życia!

Jeśli nawet nie spełniasz wszystkich wymogów lub obawiasz się, że możesz sobie nie poradzić, daj znać a porozmawiamy o Twojej ścieżce kariery :)

Może się zgłosić jedna osoba do wszystkich rozgrywek, lub kilka osób które podzielą między sobą rozgrywki.

Chętnych zachęcam do zgłaszania się na forum: lub bezpośrednio do mnie na gg 2149133.

Liczę na tłumy chętnych :D

written by Spankin @ 2014-03-06 02:50:26

New ASL Season started

A new ASL Season has started and there are some nice comebackers from former times.

Bobbie could win again and earned his 23 entire title. He is the most constant Winner in ASL History!

written by ElMichaJ @ 2014-03-05 12:24:10

March League starting in Poland

W marcu sezon zapowiada się dosyć ciekawie, do gry zgłosiło się dwóch nowych graczy, co dość dawno już nie miało miejsca. Po sporej przerwie na boiskach Ekstraklasy zobaczymy także Basto. Czy powalczy o medal, czy też będzie mu ciężko po przerwie walczyć o najwyższe cele? Bobbie jest jak zwykle faworytem do złota, jednak deyna i ulg nie ułatwią mu tego zadania. Nowi gracze - parsi i Loozak, a także weteran Western i migg będą raczej walczyć o miejsca 5-8, a może pokuszą się o niespodziankę?

written by Spankin @ 2014-03-03 11:12:10

Andib wins Nordic Open

After a thrilling final with djowGer, Andib managed to win the final series over 3 games 4-2 1-3 and the replay ended 2-1. The bronze medal was taken by ElmichaJ beating Hannes in two games.

The classic sensible mini tournament was won by ElmichaJ, who beat Klaris in the final. Hannes was 2x 4th place as he lost to djowGer in the bronze game, however he did win the most ranking points in both tournaments, so congrats with this.

As a new thing we tried streaming the event on the Internet. Unfortunately recorded videos were removed by after 1-2 weeks.

Link to Tournament

written by djowGer @ 2014-02-24 03:24:34

Interview with St.Vitus

1) At what time you played SWOS the first time, and on which Systen?
I discovered SWOS back in late 2008 when I had to kill some time at Malaga Airport. I got plenty of MegaDrive Roms on my GP2X Handheld (, then I started a rom called SensibleSoccer by random...

2) When and how you find to
After finding out Sensible Soccer exists, I was looking for other versions and so I found in a short time via Wikipedia.  There I also discoverd the updated version called SWOS and so I got in touch with the Amiga Version.... I already knew Kailliera from MAME and C64Emu, so it was fun for me to setup the online play...

3) What do you think about the community
It's impressive to see so many players from different countries, still playing a more than 20 year old game. Most of them are idealists with tons of patience explaining new players f.e. how to play online. This seems to be unique, at least for me. A highlight to me for sure was to meet and play vs Jon Hare 2013 on SensiDays in Berlin.

4) You are a very active member and admin, what do you like on your work?
I'm managing the ASL Leagues together with Rock And Roll for a few years now. Due to private reasons, I don't have much time but thanks to ElMichaJ the new website allows me to make changes or even new setups in minutes.

5) Can you describe the differences between online and offline playing?
Offline games are more "straight in your face" without any lags. It feels quicker, faster and you have more "Arcade-feeling". However, moves you can make online are harder to make offline and vice versa... If I can choose I would love to play offline every time. This surely is not possible so we can be very happy to be able to play online at least the Amiga SWOS. (Thx again to Redhair.)

6) how was your first offline event ?
It was back in spring 2011 when I played my first offline event. It was funny to see some of the people in real life after chatting for over 2 years. Since them I visited several events and I am always looking forward to the next.... So I think it, my first event was mostly positive... :-)
At last I will tell you this:
AndYpsilon told me in December: "It was great that I met you, so I know, it will be possible for me to play SWOS even in 10 years. (It's because of the fact I am 10 years older (nearley 42 to be honest), but I think I will try to play the game in 10 years too...) :-)

Picture with AndYpsilon, Schulle, Me (St.Vitus) and HeinAir on SensiDays 2013 in Berlin, wearing the the German WM jersey from World Cup 1954.

written by ElMichaJ @ 2014-02-14 09:04:15

Ali Interview

ALI InterviewALI

Quick Facts:

Name: Ali Kartaloglu
Age: 28
City: Almere, Netherlands
Favorite Teams: Galatasaray
SWOS teams: Swos Turkiye
Job: Airfreighthandler
Hobbies: Soccer

Q: Hello Ali. Thanks for doing this interview for the website. Let us start from the beginning. How and when did you first get introduced to SWOS or Sensible Soccer?

Thank you too for doing a interview with me. I start playing sensible soccer '92. My cousin from Turkey send it to me. As you know sensible soccer is very popular there. Later he sent us Swos '94. For many years my brother (HakanFB) and I played those two versions. Version '96/'97 I played on

Q: When did you join the website and what was your opinion on online playing back then compared to now?

I joined in March 2008. I remember I called my brother: Hey you can play Swos online!! Amazing it was.. I start playing vs Ejder-Z. He showed how to play online. Thought I am gonna kill him, but it didn't happen. Also because I played for the first time with keypad while I played for years with The Arcade joystick. It was really hard on a keypad. (Respect for the keypad players). Lost many games I can remember. More defeats then wins. Till Sensible Days '08 I had to do with it, with a keypad. Then I bought from Redhair an adapter. After that my statistics were getting better.

Q: You are now the reigning and 2 times Amiga SWOS World champion! Will you be able to defend your title in 2014 and complete the hattrick, and who do you see as your biggest rivals for the title and why?

I think that I am able to defend my title. I want to win the next days more then the days before. None did it before to make a triple. I think same counts for Playaveli at Pc. There are a lot rivals, enough players who can beat me. Playaveli, Djowger, Marin, Lobo, Foka. But the biggest rival is ofcourse Blazej. I am sure he wants his revange. He is so good and can stop me in the air. Don't know if Coolio_Jack joins next Days, these days he is unstoppable. So biggest rivals: Blazej and Coolio_Jack.

Q: What do you think of custom tactics as opposed to standard tactics? Which do you prefer over the other and why?

Custom tactics are in advantage if the tactic is made good for your own style. Lot of players everywhere, no space, less time to think, act. It'a chaos. That is why I like more the games without tactics. It's more relaxed. But in crucial games I play with tactics. Feel that it makes me stronger.

Q: The online scene of Amiga SWOS has it its ups and downs, with people joining and quitting the leagues from time to time. What is it that keeps you motivated to still play the game – and what do you like and dislike about the SWOS community?

Jon Hare said in Berlin, this game is 21 years old and look at this, what you guys have done. That's also what I think about the online scene. Besides late in the night or morning early you can always find someone to play a game. So I am proud of it. This is motivating me to play the game. I have no dislikes in the Swos community.

Q: Who is your favorite SWOS player and why?

Coolio_Jack, because I learned a lot from him. His style and technique and everything is so perfect. Very hard to beat him..

Q: What tips will you give to “new” players on how to improve their game?

My advise to new players, keep playing online against different style players. Try to do the same what they do, till it works. Every player will teach you something.

Q: Any last thoughts or shoutouts you want to share with the SWOS community?

All join Sensible Days 2014 !!!


by djowGer, february 2014

written by djowGer @ 2014-02-13 05:00:05

User Blog for Supporters

Hey SWOS Fans,

now it is possible for supporting members (sorry its because of testing and antispam stuff) to create their own blog entries for the main news website. You can tell us about members, tournaments or other stuff in your SWOS life.

You will find this button in header menu right besides Profile and Logout button.

Enjoy and have fun.

written by ElMichaJ @ 2014-02-10 05:06:36

Js Supporter Cup

Friday at 9 pm there will be a cup for all players, which have supported this Website. Join the cup and have fun!

Link to Tournament

written by ElMichaJ @ 2014-02-06 01:54:27

ASL1+2 with 100% activity in January 2014

Congratulations to Coolio_Jack who won the Super ASL Tournament in the 110th edition with 53points. ALI (43) and Retrieving (34) followed on the 2nd and 3rd place.
Unfortunately Bobrix had to quit his presence due to lack of time. Hope you'll be back soon! 

Climbing up from ASL2, Portugals Edgar A.R.G and Nunoportugaln are now present in Super ASL, completed by Italians Dergusbio. Weclome boys - let's see if you can stay in the hightest class.

Lowest league is ASL3. Hopefully some more players will join our 111th edition. (CXI).

You can join here: Apply for ASL (Link to Forum)

And please read our ASL rules (Link to Forum)

Have a lot of fun playing ASL!


written by St.Vitus @ 2014-02-03 12:04:35

Ligapokal is back

Here german guys,

checkout the Ligapokal. First round until 7th of february Cool

Check this link;topicseen#new

Link to Tournament

written by ElMichaJ @ 2014-02-03 11:05:18

New News Feature

Hi SWOS-Fans

Now there is a new style of news writing. I have in included a TINYMCE Editor, where you can use a lot of functions to format your news without knowledge about HTML.

Have Fun and SWOS on ^^

written by ElMichaJ @ 2014-02-01 12:46:22

New Features

There will come a lot more .... most for premium Users, but its needed, because of antispam stuff.

written by ElMichaJ @ 2014-02-01 01:04:27

Credits for features and Cups
I have basicially implemented the first payment system.

In your membercard on the right top of the website when you are logged in, you can see your amount of open matches, requests and messages.

Now there is a new line with the actual amount of your credits.

Credits are something like an own website currency. You can buy them by paypal, bank transfer or direct handover ^^

the amount of credits increases for higher payment at one time.

For more information use the Link to Forum topic:

written by ElMichaJ @ 2013-09-12 01:45:45

Amiga SWOS - World Cup final

written by Playaveli @ 2013-09-04 12:59:39

ALI and Playaveli retain their titles!
Both, ALI (Amiga) and Playaveli (PC) defended their title at this year's SWOS World Cup, held in Berlin. This is completely unheard of and a remarkable achievement. The tournament itself had the best field of participants since 2009 and the organisation by ElMichaJ and his staff has been excellent. Another highlight was the honorable visit of Jon Hare (game creator).

written by Playaveli @ 2013-09-01 11:09:48

Defining Premium Features
I am sorry, but i am forced to do this, cause this year i am missing 1200 EURO cause of server costs, maintenance service and Sensidays.

The amount of Donations is definitely to less!
And donation member are to less too!
So i am thinking about a multilevel payment system with several rights.

here is now the poll about the features which should be included.
Ideas for new features are also included.

This will be the primary goal now for coding on the website.....

written by ElMichaJ @ 2013-08-29 08:39:17

Big german league activity
The german league is really active in playing. 15 Players with thrilling and surprising matches. Its a very good skill level and there are close decision in the top, middle and bottom of the table. The Table looks really amazing!
Link to Tournament

written by ElMichaJ @ 2013-08-28 10:48:07

Big match day in german league yesterday
There were played a lot of games yesterday in german online league. We have 16 players at the moment and the league is really thrilling :) who will be Champion and eurocup starter ? who will be relegated ?
Link to Tournament

written by ElMichaJ @ 2013-06-07 10:16:58

Sensi Review

written by Playaveli @ 2013-05-11 11:58:36

Quick start for Assura in Ekstraklasa
Looks like Assura is in the mood of getting Polish Championship title from bobrix's hands. In his first games against solid player Rysiek85 and Gloomy he got 18 points while scoring 30 goals against 15! It's only 8 games but that's a clear sign from Assura that he wants to be first this season... How will bobrix answer?
Link to Tournament

written by Spankin @ 2013-04-02 09:03:22

Who will be promoted to ASL1
We only have few months left before sensi days, and the competition seems to be harder than long time. With favorites for Sensi Days, Ali, Manuel and Playaveli (all former winners of Sensi Days) back in ASL1 everyone want to get promoted. Its gonna be exciting.
Link to Tournament

written by andib @ 2013-04-02 08:41:59

Playa champion since long time
Looks like Playa will win the League. Its the first time since some months :) Congratz :)
Link to Tournament

written by ElMichaJ @ 2013-03-30 03:02:15

SRNs Corrected
After some mistake in code of tournament tool and some strange srn, i corrected all. Now everything is fine and bobrix is leading now the medals table ;)
Link to Tournament

written by ElMichaJ @ 2013-03-30 02:55:59

ASL Cup with KO Mod
This time the ASL Cup will be played only in KO Rounds with Random Seeding. This will make the tournament faster and more surprising.
Link to Tournament

written by ElMichaJ @ 2013-03-13 05:33:13


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