Author Topic: Spain 16/17 national team - Goalie teleports in box - bug in SWOS 16/17 offline  (Read 519 times)

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Just wondering if anyone else playing with the Spain 16/17 national team noticed the following bug: the goalkeeper teleports from place to place in the box. Please note this only happens when playing with Custom Teams  :-\ , when playing a friendly Spain 16/17 vs Germany with national teams in the offline 16/17 game it doesn't happen.

Here is the video of the goalkeeper bug: . Please note that both teams are either Spain 16/17 or based on Spain 16/17. Running the 16/17 offline game here. And they are from the Custom Teams list, from the online savedisk.

This also happens when playing Spain 16/17 versus Real Madrid 16/17 from the custom teams. So it's not just that this happens against the exact same team, so it seems that the bug is only with the national team of Spain 16/17 on the Custom Teams online savedisk when using it vs. the cpu.
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