Author Topic: Idea for Sensidays 2017 (Sensible Weeks)  (Read 4270 times)

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Re: Idea for Sensidays 2017 (Sensible Weeks)
« Reply #15 on: 05 June 2016, 21:30:40 »
As I allready told you on the [connected] event, I like the idea a lot. Not as Sensible Days, but as a own offline tournament series.
Maybe you can start with a small test. For example 3 or 4 tournaments (just ask the most frequently playing offline countries like Denmark, Germany, Poland an so on - if some person from some other country wanted to join this series with an own tournament, that is also fine - the more the better) at the first year where are the best 4 players qualify to the masters.

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Re: Idea for Sensidays 2017 (Sensible Weeks)
« Reply #16 on: 07 June 2016, 12:01:32 »
The idea is great HairFU but looking at the current SWOS offline situation it's difficult to realize imo. People have less time (and maybe less motivation) to organize
cups on a regular basis.

Besides Sensi Days the only regular international tournaments left are Nordic Open, Eifel-X-Mas-Cup and a Berlin Open Cup once a year.
Maybe the [connected] event and the Inter Milan was a start for new annual tournaments - would be great!
There are some other regional or national cups in Denmark and Germany that have a maximum of participants because of limited space in private flats.

As a first step maybe we should ask organizers of former tournaments if they have the motivation to reactivate their cups.
There is potential (Bulgarian Open, CBM Cup, Wroclaw Open, Netherlands Cup, Serbian Open, ISSA, Prague Open, Lubin Offline Cup ...)
- but it's all a matter of time and real-life issues ofc.

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Re: Idea for Sensidays 2017 (Sensible Weeks)
« Reply #17 on: 07 June 2016, 12:30:56 »
You don't have to create new offline cups or reactivate old ones. Just play normal offline Cups, Make for example a normal Nordic Open, but make it clear, that the best will qualify for the Masters.
You just should test it. If it is work I think you could have more people motivated to organize an offline event, the year after.
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Re: Idea for Sensidays 2017 (Sensible Weeks)
« Reply #18 on: 16 July 2016, 15:22:04 »
Example for 36 players

1st round: 6 groups of 6
- first 2 players of each group go to supergroups (group of 1st and group of 2nd)
- place 3 and 4 go Second Chance groups (best 2 of each 2nd chance group goto ko)
- last 2 players of eachgroup play 2 cucumber groups of six players with quarterfinals / semis / finales

2nd round
- Mastergroup 6 groupwinners play for seeding position 1 to 6 in KO Tree
- Supergroup 6 group-2nds play for seeding position 7 to 12 in KO Tree
- 2 2nd Chance groups - Place 1 and 2 of each group will go to ko - position 13-16
- Cucumber group 1 - every 5th place - seeding place 1 to 6 cucumber tree
- cucumber group 2 - every 6th place - 2 qualifierst for 7 and 8 in cucumber tree

- KO Stages in World and Cucumber Cups

I think this setup would be a very nice change for Sensible Days with around 40+ players and 6 groups. But will take even more time than usual.
However I only see the 2nd groupstage working on PC (IF DIY IS FORCED) due to the tactical rule on Amiga. So I think 2nd groupstage should be played as frindlies (or as several DIY cups - 2 games vs each without the replays/ET/pens of course) on 2 systems to speed things up.
This means that the we need 2 systems or more if possible for each level in the 2nd groupstage. At least on amiga.

2 x systems for Master group (6 players) 1 group - Place 1-6 in KO Bracket
2 x systems for Super group (6 players) 1 group - Place 7-12 in KO Bracket
3-4 x systems for 2nd Chance groups (12 players) 2 groups - 2 x top 2 get Place 13-16 in KO Bracket. 2 x top 1 should play another match for place 13-14. And 2 x top 2 should play for place 15-16, instead of looking at points/goals.
2-4 x systems for Cucumber group / KO (12 players or more - depending how many want to play in this cup)

Top 16 play KO like normal DIY DAYS STYLE.