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Oops... There is no changes in the new ADF file compare to mine... Playaveli pls check
What can I do?
h from in order to to play
Well done Playaveli winning that league cup for Edinburgh!
Taking over!
Ok, we won our first title... 2-1 replay vs. Aberdeen!  ;D
Brill is on fire!

Next one, pls...
Taking over!
PC / Re: No Copa Libertadores?
« Last post by ElMichaJ on Yesterday at 10:51:22 »
i think its only possible to use the same structure of european cups, they are given by the software, but its possible to replace the teams ...
TUTORIALS / Re: New to site looking for starter help
« Last post by Rungrawee on Yesterday at 10:38:57 »
That means that the site. No problem before I offline.
PC / Re: No Copa Libertadores?
« Last post by Rungrawee on Yesterday at 10:37:30 »
¿Dónde puedo encontrar Copa Libertadores?
Played 3 matches - 2 league games and a league cup final against Aberdeen. It was a tough match, we were leading 2-0 but Aberdeen made a comeback thanks to Rooney. Now next manager will start his session against Aberdeen in the league cup final replay. Good luck!  ;)
Also Lewis Stewart has joined the club on trial. Who knows, maybe he is next Sergio Busquets  :)
Fun Cups & Friendly Leagues / Re: "Friendly League Goes Career Mode" RELOADED
« Last post by Kib_diZ on 17 April 2018, 23:49:50 »
taking over!
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