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PC / Re: Team.008
« Last post by Kanchelskis on Today at 15:55:27 »
Reported by me also in the updates topic.
I usually use FIFA parameters (80 -> 2mln 94 -> 15+mln), set them with SWOES and then adjust the values comparing FIFA stats but remaining in that price.
PC / Team.008
« Last post by sensibleswos on Today at 10:08:11 »
hello boys and girls, a long time ago I had a website going now it's in the archives, with it I used to do updates. I understand that you are all working very hard on your own updates and I've seen them. in my opinion the swos points are unrealistic and it seems like a lazy way of updating, trust me I'm not having ago at you as I know how time consuming it is to update team files. We all have our own way to update swos, with my updates I add my own swos like prices and add my own skills where I try and make it swos like as possible. In original swos we only had something like 3 or 4 players with £15m, in my English update there are non as I feel that original swos updates was greatly aggregated. anyway here is my English update.
OFFLINE / Re: Eifel-X-MAS-Cup 2018
« Last post by AndYpsilon on Today at 08:09:35 »
Great Bomb! I informed Paider about your PM-request.

Cya soon :)
« Last post by Playaveli on Today at 04:16:15 »
I only changed the team name, coach name, and kits.

Tactic file uploaded!
Didn't do your team, it's from 16/17. Please use original 96/97 team for edited customs!
« Last post by Kanchelskis on Yesterday at 18:47:43 »
I didn't play AMIGA Swos that much in the past as it was way easier to edit and play the PC version.
I tested and played it sometimes in the past but not that carefully.
After reading this post, I decided to play it properly, to verify if the game is more challenging as PC version has become awfully easy for me.. I can easily win against big teams with very crap teams and scoring a lot of goals with very average players.

I have to say, I'm impressed. The Amiga version is WAY better for a lot of things:
1) gameplay is faster and smoother without being flipper-like
2) the game is harder, I can't score easily and it's really funny to play against cpu
3) keepers are better
4) physics of the ball are better
5) player movements are fluid and also headers are better (both diving and still)
6) AI is better: opponent team actually play and they don't just throw the ball on the other side of the pitch
7) 4 and 6 provide that game is less predictable and more enjoyable
8 ) shots are longer and more enjoyable to execute.
9) GK move around the whole box, not just covering the goal and acting like a.. windshield wiper
OFFLINE / Re: Eifel-X-MAS-Cup 2018
« Last post by Bomb on Yesterday at 10:31:07 »
tickets booked! I will arrive friday at 15:51 in Bahnhof Kall and will leave sunday at 10:05 in Kall. Would be great if someone could pick me up there on friday and bring me on sunday.
@paider @ andy: check your pms.

looking forward!  8)
SWOS UNITED / Re: New guy
« Last post by AndYpsilon on 11 November 2018, 18:54:47 »
Willkommen, Metalian ;) Jo, der 1.12. wäre eine Gelegenheit für ein Offline Debüt. Infos hier:

Ansonsten zocken wir auch ab und an schonmal ein Turnierchen in Hürth bei Köln. Da könntest du dann auch gerne mal vorbeischauen.
OFFLINE / Re: Eifel-X-MAS-Cup 2018
« Last post by starwindz on 11 November 2018, 16:09:01 »
Hi mate. Thx for your request and congratz to these efforts. Always great to see dedicated people develop new SWOS features!

Naturally, we will play our tournament with the oldschool origin version 96/97. No chance for innovation here ;)
However, if we are able to set up a testing PC for the new SWOS port we might be able to test your new developments as well. So thanks again for the offer  :)
Thank you very much for your kindness. I will talk with Playaveli about the follow up work. Thank you so much again. :)
SWOS 2020 / Re: Progress report - Total pack
« Last post by starwindz on 11 November 2018, 15:14:17 »
An experimental test pitch showing unlimited possibilities of custom pitch generator... This is only a test pitch (not an actual pitch) :)
SWOS 2020 / Re: Progress report - Total pack
« Last post by starwindz on 11 November 2018, 14:06:35 »
Screenshot of current development - Custom Pitch Generator
- All components of pitch are defined and they are assembled and puzzled together individually in order to generate complete pitches by user or random selection. Most components are designed by W.Carling!
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