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OPEN AREA / Re: What's the best soccer game, excluding SWOS?
« Last post by rik81 on Yesterday at 21:18:24 »

I love soccer games. my first love was Emlyn Hughes International Soccer. hours and hours of challenges with my cousins. then it was the turn of sensible soccer, the amiga version the best of all. now I've updated it to 2018/2019, I always play with it. among these I insert winning eleven 9 liveware evolution for pc, great gameplay ... currently I have updated it to 2017/2018 ... among the great ones certainly not missing PES6. here I open a separate chapter: my fellow countryman, Matteo Ucci, updates it every day. the NODRESS PATCH, the best in circulation, allows updates of the values ​​of individual players via FOs published day by day, all updated to 2019/2020 (to be released in September). all the stadiums of the participating teams ... but the best thing is that the online community is very active: tournaments, championships and 2vs2 challenges. also for those who share their goals, participate in the weekly assignment of the puscas prize.
for those interested I leave link to the facebook portal:
SWOS UNITED / Re: Merchandise
« Last post by Playaveli on Yesterday at 18:20:38 »
SWOS UNITED / Merchandise
« Last post by DiskErrors on Yesterday at 11:17:23 »
Hi there,

Was just wondering if anyone out there owned any Sensible merchandise.

I don't own any merch personally but I had a shirt printed up with the team logo, sponsor etc that I created on Sensible Soccer European Champions. 

I'd love to own a pin badge with the logo from Sensi '98.  Think it might have to be a custom job though.

Wondered what other fans had or had maybe seen people wearing in the wild.
Sensible Days 2019 - Fulda, Germany - July 27/28 / Re: Save Disk Topic
« Last post by arcisas on 16 June 2019, 23:06:13 »
ARCHTEAM from current save disk, no tactics, Thank you!  ;D
TUTORIALS / Re: Unable To Play Matches
« Last post by Playaveli on 16 June 2019, 17:27:35 »
Use CTRL as fire button! ;)
Which version are you playing?
have fun next
Taking over
Sensible Days 2019 - Fulda, Germany - July 27/28 / Re: Save Disk Topic
« Last post by xflea on 16 June 2019, 13:51:13 »
FLOT FRIENDS from current savedisk

no tactics

TUTORIALS / Unable To Play Matches
« Last post by MoldBhoy on 16 June 2019, 12:40:59 »

I can start a career or setup a friendly match but when i go to start the game it won't work. I can still edit line ups and even exit from the match setup but I can't start playing a game.

I'm on a Mac. Any idea how to sort this?

cinek ebster and fulgore added :)
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