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Author Topic: Which feature would you like to see in a new PC SWOS (Remake)?  (Read 27818 times)

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Re: Which feature would you like to see in a new PC SWOS (Remake)?
« Reply #45 on: 10 May 2018, 13:01:12 »
This is a big necro but Playaveli linked me to this thread, so I'm putting forward my ideas.

I had done a design document 8 years ago about this, which is outdated, if you want you can get it here: https://masakariprime.deviantart.com/art/Project-SENSI-DesignDoc-v98-169622623

Aside from a franchise plan that would include year-over-year turning SWOS from Sensible World of Soccer into Sensible World of Sports to include other sports like Futsal and Ice Hockey (both of which I think would be perfect for the Sensi style and fast action), my revamp of SWOS would include:

+ Multiplayer Online w/ displayed worldwide "currently online" player counts for each mode a la Halo 3
+ LAN option
+ Career Mode: Bigger squads, reserve squads, youth teams
+ Career Mode: Nominate attacking Free-kick/Penalty takers
+ Career Mode: Training of players to improve fitness, skill-levels etc.
+ Career Mode: Harness and hire youth team players
+ Career Mode: Try-outs for prospects (trial periods)
+ Career Mode: Player scouting, shortlists, search function with different filters
+ Career Mode: Contract negotiations
+ Career Mode: Realistic player market values and evolution, market fluctuations
+ Career Mode: Set play variations, set play editor
+ Career Mode: Coach job offers, moving clubs possible, including national teams, based on performance and reputation acquired
+ Career Mode: Match scheduling possible (pre-season friendlies); include reputable tournaments (Amsterdam Tournament, Santiago Bernabéu Cup, Emirates Cup, Peace Cup, etc.)
+ Career Mode: Debt and Sponsorships management
+ Career Mode: social media and sports "drama" events affecting morale and player availability
+ Expanded match options (kit selection, ball type, venues, weather, pitch type independent from venue, optional offside rule, extra time, penalty kicks, etc)
+ If possible real team and player names (probably too expensive)
+ Expanded Edit Mode with kit editing, player look, player names, team names, competitions, etc
+ Referee constantly on pitch, assistant referees, 4th official, goal-line refs (Europa League style), different skill levels but balanced
+ Bench players warming up
+ Modes: Inclusion of other continents competitions and teams – J-League, K-League Classic, MLS, Brasileirão, Champions League, Libertadores, etc
+ Graphics: new UI built to modern specs and usability
+ Graphics: new HD sprite work with an expanded animation set
+ Graphics: New stadium designs - major stadiums around the world, pixel perfect
+ Graphics: In-game weather conditions – rain, snow (2d shaders), affects pitch and ball physics
+ Graphics: Keepers can wear gloves, caps, unique kits
+ Graphics: More hair & skin colours and types - light-brown, blonde, bald, grey, short, medium, long, Asian, black, Latin, select unique players’ likeness
+ Graphics: Facial hair, special equipment – Davids-like glasses, Petr Cech-like head piece, etc.
+ Graphics: animated nets
+ Graphics: crowd animations and effects (Mexican wave, flags, flares, smoke, confetti, etc)
+ Sound: Team chants from official teams
+ Sound: Custom chants (Edit Mode)
+ Sound: a fun Announcer / Play-by-play
+ Online: built-in support for streamers
+ Online: Chat box / multiplayer lobby
+ Business: Yearly releases: increased content, club and player database fidelity, gameplay tweaks, further management depth, improved graphics and sound – provide more value for money so consumer doesn’t feel cheated with a worthless update
+ Business: Yearly Upgrade Program offering discount to previous version owners, support the consumer, keep the current player base happy, value for money
+ Business: Multiple Sports: grow into multi-sport brand, value for money

There's much more but some of these, like others, would need to be prioritized and developed over multiple iterations, IMO, and the first release would be to re-establish the franchise.
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