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General rules:
We are going to follow the exact rules and conditions of every continental qualifiers tournament plus the final World Cup tournament. Since this is a very particular competition where each player will get more than one team we will have some restrictions that might lead to some changes to the actual draws. Other than that we will follow the original competition draw.

Tournament rules:
- There will be deadlines for each stage to be finished. If you are having trouble finding your opponents you must post on the gaming scheduler as well as message your opponent to try to arrange a time to play.

- This will be a 100% matches tournament, if a player fails to play a game within deadline and gives no info on forum gaming scheduler topic he will be deleted from the tournament and a new player will be invited to take over his remaining matches (for all his teams). Of course exceptions can be made and deadlines extended if necessary, but please try to play within deadlines. Player invited will have about the same SRN points of the deleted player to assure fairness of the competition.

- If on 1 leg rounds, players play 2 or more games by mistake and post those results ONLY FIRST result posted will be entered. Unless players agree on replaying the games and play only the correct number of matches and post the new results.

- There will be medals awarded the profile for each of the qualifiers tournaments as well as for the actual World Cup.

- Deadlines and settings for each round will always be posted on the respective tournament page as soon as those rounds begin, so be sure to check it.

- First 3 placed players of World Cup will get medals on their profiles.

- Besides that, each qualifier tournament will also give medals to the best 3 players as a bonus. Since qualifier tournaments don't go through a final match, the way of finding who will get the medals will be as follows:

Best 3 1st places from each group. But, since group 9 only has 5 teams instead of 6 we will use average points on this case to see who was the best team.

First 3 places from last group stage (1 group).

First 3 places from (the only) qualifying group.

Best 3 1st places from the last group stage (5 groups).

First 2 places are for 1st placed teams on last group stage (2 groups). Best 2nd place gets the bronze medal.

First 3 places from last group stage (1 group).

To decide best place we use the following factors in order:
1. Team with more points;
2. Team with better goal difference;
3. Team with more goals scored;
4. Team with less goals against;
5. Team that started playing on the earliest stage of the competition;
6. Team with more points in the complete competition;

A player can only win 1 medal per tournament. In case the same player gets more than one medal, next best placed player will get his extra medal instead.

Team Limit Rules:
- If 2 teams from the same player meet on a KO round he decides who he wants to go through. He can of course play the match vs cpu, vs someone else, or not to play at all, it really doesn't matter. He just needs to post on forum who will go through to next stage.

- For all group stages, each player can't have more than 1 team on the same group. If original tournament draw dictates that, we will manually move the lowest ranked teams of that player to the next group.

- There might be some particular situations where this won't be possible to solve, namely:
 North America : If a player qualifies more than 1 team to the very last group stage (1 single group) he will have to drop his lowest ranked team(s) to another player. This other player should be the player that has less teams in the competition by that time. If there are several players on the same situation a draw will be made.
  Asia : If a player qualifies 3 teams to the very last group stage (2 groups) he will have to drop his lowest ranked team to another player exactly as described above.

- A player can only qualify a maximum number of 8 teams for the World Cup. If he qualifies more than that his lowest ranked teams will also get given to other players following the above rules.

- Plus, all players must have a minimum of 1 team qualified for the World Cup, this will mean everyone will keep playing till a bit later in the tournament. So players that qualified more teams to the World Cup will drop their worst ranked teams to players with 0 teams. Team distribution will be made by draw.

- On all the above situations where a player must drop teams, if he doesn't want to drop his lowest ranked team, but a different one he can also do that. He just needs to post that information on the forum. If nothing is said, weakest team is the one given away.

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