Author Topic: ISSA XX Januray 30!  (Read 9310 times)

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Re: ISSA XX Januray 30!
« Reply #30 on: 07 February 2010, 21:23:30 »
if have entered the results and updated the stats :)
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Re: ISSA XX Januray 30!
« Reply #31 on: 08 February 2010, 19:19:05 »
Yes, thank you all for a great tournament! Especially ElmichaJ, Bomb and Torpedo for coming all the way to Copenhagen!
I'm so sorry that Lobo couldn't come. I really hope you'll join us next time! What an unfortunate accident.
Hopefully, we'll also see Torpedo, Bomb and Elmicha again!

Unfortunately, I was unable to join the tournament too since I was at the hospital receiving my son into the world. Which was on the other hand the only better way to spend a staurday.

But I came to see the finals and I was very pleased to watch some amazing games on a very high level!
Djowger versus Peter was an amazing game, also Moog versus Rasmus J. was intense, the final was actually very close and extremely exciting. But Rasmus got a big win in the last game that actually doesn't reflect the overall equal play.

So all in all another nice tournament. This time the overall SWOS level was higher than usual even though me and Lobo were missing. :-)
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