Sensible Days / World Cup - Minimum Requirements

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If you want to run for future Sensible Days aka Official SWOS World Cup, you'll need to meet these standards:


- Sleeping places for an amount of at least 50 players
- Tournament / conference room at the same venue
- Maximum fee for 3 overnights, including the event participation: Max. 150 Euro
- Infrastructure: Airport, train station, bus, freeways?
- Noise pollution: It must be warranted that there are no restrictions to be quiet from 11pm, for example (like in Hotels etc.)


- minimum 5 complete PC systems Win95/98 (incl. monitors, speakers, keyboards, double gameports, adapters, etc.)
- minimum 5 complete Amiga 1200 systems (incl. monitors, mouse, etc.)
- Beamer
- Laptop
- Internet connection would be good!
- If you do not have the hardware yourself, you must deliver a prove that other players bring it.


- minimum 6 moderators, who help to organize the events.
- moderators can be from the same coutry, or people who join the event as players (ask them!)


- experience in organizing offline events would be good
- meals (breakfast / dinner) should be included


- send your candidatures on a forum PM (or email) to: ElMichaJ, Redhair, Playaveli, Lobo
- candidatures will be treated with confidence and privacy
- it's up to you if you want to make your apply public (by posting here)

This checklist might be extended/updated.

Best Regards!

So we waiting for candidates. I hope many citys/countries give offerts :)

Rock and Roll:
Who's going to play Mr. Corruption himself, Sepp Blatter? :P

Good initiative, and hopefully, some good bids :).


--- Quote from: Rock and Roll on 26 August 2010, 13:08:02 ---Who's going to play Mr. Corruption himself, Sepp Blatter? :P

--- End quote ---

That can only be me, can't it? ;)

Rock and Roll:
Will their be goalmouth technology Playa? :P


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