Author Topic: For reference: Budget/Groceries overview Sensidays 2016  (Read 1750 times)

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For reference: Budget/Groceries overview Sensidays 2016
« on: 13 November 2016, 17:25:59 »
We wanted to leave some information for the organizers of Sensidays 2017

We had about 50 participants (give or take a few)...Of those people 90% game at least two nights. We budgetten that we could break even at about 34 participants. At least we would have then had something to eat, and paid for the

We didn't manage to get a real sponsor.. National supermarkets thought we were two small, and although we got some interests from local supermarkets, their prices were higher than the retail prices at aldi/lidl for the beer, or the whole sale prices mark's mum could get for us... (of course the sponsorship of mark's mum's company by helping us out was priceless... Fritz' company provided the domain name and the webspace.

We spent about 1000 Euros on groceries, including drinks

886 half liters of beer
24 bottles of coke
4 cola light
12 sparkling water
12 still water (refilled due to the perfect dutch tap water.

For in NL it was quite difficult to find a good spot to have the sensidays. We had some preconditions
- Total price for the experience should be below 135 euros
- This meant for the location that we should be allowed to bring our own beers.
- In the end we returned to almelo. The advantage of that place that the people who operated it were volunteers, because it was an old socialist union worker hangout.. Thus be creative..
- It the end the house was about 2750 euros for the weekend, more than half our total budget.

Payments received.
- I must say we were positively surprised by the payment discipline of sensidays, most people paid within a few days of signing up..
- IBAN worked fine for most people (about 30 people), PayPal (10), at the spot (10).. we tried to discourage this..

- Three weeks before the sensidays we were about 34 participants. This meant we could reach breakeven.. We upped the catering budget, making it possible for gerda to be even more creative, and got us some shirts
- Other costs we a preparation night for 3, some equipment we missed (xbox charger).
- The magazine was printed at one of our employer's
- We had to do some last minute shopping at times
- And we need to evaluate with some beers;)

Budget overview
- House 2700
- Catering 1000
- Extra's  1000
- Profit Around 300...
Total 5000

If people would like to use the excel files and macros for the budgeting, just contact us...

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Re: For reference: Budget/Groceries overview Sensidays 2016
« Reply #1 on: 20 December 2016, 19:55:54 »
Hi romanista,

thank you for this good overview.

The hungarian crew would be interested to have your excel files as a reference to plan with it for 2017.

Thank you!