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until 14 players: ONE DIVISION // >14 players=1ª DIV. = 8 players  // 2ª DIV. = Rest of players

Promotions / relegations:
2 up / 2 down
Exception: 4.6.



1.1. Game length: 3 min
1.2. Pitch: Random
1.3. Equal: OFF
1.4. Teams: Free choice (Databases 96/97 and edited custom teams based on 9697 teams)

1.5. Custom tactics :   Home player right
1.5.1. Game mode = DIY LEAGUE, 1 leg (randomizing first home match)

The home player (the first player of a fixture "Home vs. Guest") is able to use a custom tactic. If he does so, the guest player is also allowed to load a custom tactic! If the home player doesn't use a custom tactic, the guest is not allowed to use a custom tactic.
If a custom tactic is chosen by the home player his opponent may use any available tactic on the disc if he hasn't got his own (except the one from opponent if he does not agree, unless he is not the creator of it)!
Optional: Players agree between themselves! (eg.: both games with tactic, or both games without)


If players cannot agree to play on a server, P2P mode will be mandatory!

2.1 Connection lost/Desynch: If the connection will break during the game:
  • In the first half: Play a new match! Add goals of old match to final score!
  • In the second half: Play a new half. Add goals of the old match to final score!

3.1 By joining ISL you agree to play on a regular basis.
Remember: Not playing regularly means that you spoil other players fun.

3.2. Required attendance is: 100%

3.2.1 If one of the players won't play 100% of his games, has not posted/replied in DISCORD in a reasonable way and/or his missing matches have an effect on TITLE / PROMOTION / RELEGATION, all his matches will be deleted and/or he will be a relegated. If missing matches don't exceed a reasonable amount and do NOT have effect on the aforementioned, no results/player will be deleted/relegated. Condition: DISCORD activity!

3.2.2 If two players have same amount of games the first one to be deleted would be the one who was dodging the games which can be verified on DISCORD.

3.2.3. Joining ISL after being deleted due to inactivity requires a new apply.

3.3. Each ISL participant has to join the DISCORD chat

3.4. There are DISCORD chat channels created to arrange matches in case you'll find it difficult to find a particular player.

3.5. If players cannot play at least 8 games until the 15th of each month they MUST write it in the specific DISCORD chat channel.
Otherwise they will be deleted without comment (or relegated to lowest league, by own request!)

3.6.  Limitations: It's not possible to bypass the halfway-rule (minimum 8 games by 15th) more than three times in a row and overall 5 times a year.

4.1. All new players who like to participate have to apply in DISCORD channel #applications
4.2. Participation means knowing ISL terms & conditions and respecting them.
4.3. Players failing to follow rules will be deleted.
4.5. New players have to start in the lowest league.
4.6. Veterans may be allowed to rejoin ISL one league below their latest appearance (exception: former champions may rejoin ISL1 directly). There are no time-limits to rejoin ISL if the specific player(s) has/have always proved to be fair (no topic about them in tribunal) and kept up with his/their schedule on time. The respective league(s) will be extended in such a case. Relegation places will be extended in such a case. League managers have the last word in any case, though.
4.6.1. League's maximum size for ISL1 = 14! Lowest leagues = 18!
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