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« on: 13 November 2018, 10:08:11 »
hello boys and girls, a long time ago I had a website going now it's in the archives, with it I used to do updates. I understand that you are all working very hard on your own updates and I've seen them. in my opinion the swos points are unrealistic and it seems like a lazy way of updating, trust me I'm not having ago at you as I know how time consuming it is to update team files. We all have our own way to update swos, with my updates I add my own swos like prices and add my own skills where I try and make it swos like as possible. In original swos we only had something like 3 or 4 players with £15m, in my English update there are non as I feel that original swos updates was greatly aggregated. anyway here is my English update.
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Re: Team.008
« Reply #1 on: 13 November 2018, 15:55:27 »
Reported by me also in the updates topic.
I usually use FIFA parameters (80 -> 2mln 94 -> 15+mln), set them with SWOES and then adjust the values comparing FIFA stats but remaining in that price.