hey guys! wow!


hello everyone! just discovered this awesome forum and was shocked to see my all time fave game SWOS is back and updated! made my year! :D ive just aquired a NVIDIA SHIELD TV and aldo have retrox and wondered if its going to be possible to play on this? if so, are there any links/ guides to use? apologies if this is said a thousand times but as i said ive only just literally discovered this new version exists and now desperate to play!!

keep up the great work guys.. i can see im going to be here a lot!  ;D

cheers and hopeful of some assistance soon!

Hey there! :)
I am not sure about your device. But a simple computer with Windows/Mac/Linux will do fine to play offline/online.

Download for Win:
Download for Mac:
Download for Linux:

Hey! Thanks for the reply! The Nvidia Shield tv is an android machine which is pretty powerful so should have no trouble playing it.... it’s just not pc/windows/Mac/Linux! ?

Check this out for Android:


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