BAAH 4 - Last Edition

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Hi players,

I will do an Amiga offline tournament at 18. May 2019 in my home. We wil start 12:00 h. Arrival at Friday is possible.
Unfortunately you probably definitely have to consider it as the last BAAH* session. SO IF YOU NEVER JOINED, YOU SHOULD!!!

Up to 10 players can sleep in my flat for free, but it would be good when players could bring sleeping equipment.
(I have 2 beds, 2 couches, 3 matraces and at least 4 blankets which needs to be distributed wisely.)
Maybe ElMichaJ also can house some players, if not, we'll find a solution.

There are no worries about food and drinks because there are many and near possibilites to get some (just around the corner).

I have 2 running Amiga Systems (if you bring them :D ) if we need to play on 2 machines.

Since it is the last edition, we'll do some special stuff:
1) Tournament rule will be SensiDays style (tactics and KO round stuff...).
Tournament mode will depend on how many players will join, but if we are enough I guess we'll have a group stage and after that a Super Group and 2. Chance Group (followed by KOs).
All group stages will be played in DIY Leagues, because injuries and cards can be an interesting factor. :P

2) I want to play a Dynablaster Tournament after the SWOS event. So do NOT plan to go to some Pub in the city, there will be no time! Besides that: Berlin is boring!
The Dynablaster Tournament of course is optional for everyone. I'll work on a strategy how we do it quick and dirty with ELmichaJ (hey hey hey... ).

Not sure how many Cups can be won, but it will be at least 3 for every tournament!

Tournament Link:

Way to Bombs home

Any Questions left?

Looking forward to meet you!

Greetings from Berlin!


* Bomb Alone At Home



I will join your tournament. Not sure if I need a sleeping place or if I will leave after all gaming stuff. Will let you know.

If needed I can bring my Amiga 1200 and 600 and two 14" CRT TVs with me.

@all: please sign up here:

@hairfu: great! please bring the amiga 1200 and 1 monitor (probably the better one). I am pretty sure that djowger will bring one amiga plus crt-monitor too... :)

for the dynablaster tournament ist would be nice to have the left TV on following picture ;) :


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