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Because of some Server / Hardware / Software Upgrades it is needed to setup a new website system, because the old one will be not supported anymore after this year (2019)

currently there are some additional server costs because we are running old php version, which is not supported anymore.

The old website functions are depricated and so i had to code a newer system.

I will use the JOOMLA CMS system and i have coded an own plugin for tournament management, which could be used by other communities in the same way we do, if they want to use it.

Because of a job switch i will have some holidays in the end of October and i will use the last 2 days of october to switch the system from cakephp to Joomla with integrating and merging the message Board / Forum.

For that i need some betatesters for the new website system. I think it is stable enough and could be tested now by players and admin ... but it is just a test platform ! matches and tournaments on that platform will be not transfered to new/old data. But i need some impressions and bug reports from power users and admins.

Furhter i want to catch up some ideas for new features.

a key feature will be the Achievement System like "winning an ASL 1 Season" or "having more than 100 / 500 / 1000" Offline matches.

If you have some nice ideas for further achievements, then please write it down here :)

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