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« on: 07 June 2013, 00:59:23 »
Protesting events occured in turkey beginning 31- may -2013
Against all pressures about humans life style
In short , The party holding the goverment power is directed only one  single man , which lets him feel like a king or more
so he makes pressures about lives about people .He tries to prohibiting various kinds of things
like alcohol consumption, curettage, and aims at creating a religious new youth.

He said "capulcu" to protestors in Taksim Square
Which means useless ,useless and notworthy  like beggar or adrift

On the other hand the protestors are mostly young cultured university students.
They didn't make any violence. They have been making a peaceful protest .
But suprisingly the police has used and still using chemical pepper gas (tear gas ) against them.

There can be found many  photos and videos of police violence on the net
for instance this violonce of police is from İzmir . Ten officers beating a girl
this one from İstanbul
These are the ones i can quickly find.
I didn't intend to add all viloent things here while i was first beginning to my message. But while i writing
i felt i must tell things and add those videos above

Now this video coming is the response of the protestors to the word " capulcu" -->vagrant
Don't suprise  u ll see some penguins "real penguins" broadcasted by a channel named Cnntürk
during the protests begins. The media in Turkey is under pressure so all the  big media channels  haven't broadcasted the events
for about like 2 days and most are still behaving on the side of the goverment.

This message should be more comprehensive.
Anyway this is for let the world hear us.
Greetings from Turkey
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« Reply #1 on: 13 July 2013, 04:02:29 »
Well I think the media overreacted. I think the Usa is behind this as they use this same tactik before in other countries. Thousend people protested against Israel in Usa but it didnt came on Cnn while they live broadcast Taksim for 9 hours. funny isnt it? I have been there in Ankara Kizilay and Istanbul Taksim. No problems at all. The alcohol issue is normal. Its almost same as europe. After 6 o clock you cant buy heavy alchol in the netherlands. Turkey its now 2200 o clock! But still people complains. I drove near gezipark couple weeks ago and the taxi driver showed and told me that Erdogan maked this place beautiful (flowers around and stuff). Gezipark will stay like how it is but the media told all of us different things.

Thanks to Erdogan no more debt to IMF. Terrorism is also ended. Which is very good for Turkey. But in the Us they dont like that. Erdogan must be ended, thats the whole plan. Keep your eyes open.


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« Reply #2 on: 26 July 2013, 01:46:30 »
I said the media didnt react but u said overreacted ?
How could a media not showing any of the events can overreact ?
I think being far away from Turkey leads u up to a free media only , which I mean CNN ,
In turkey there are national media channels like CNNTurk who broadcasted Penguins documentary at the time of the events being happened.( tragedical isn't it ? )
Non of hem broadcasted the events for 3 days (or more ).Is this freedoom  or pressure on the media?
And  even in recent days in Turkey many journalists have been sacked because of their writings about the events.

And I wanna ask as a human being violence of the police and all those photos of victims , people lost one eyes and  4 people died doesn't mean anything to u ?
Because  u didnt mention about them. I think u didn't hear about them, if so , that is a pity.

And u said about the debts of  Turkey
I think u have Turkish so u can check this and read if u are really not on one's side
Turkey's only debt isn not owned to IMF. It has growed much more in recent ten years.

There is much more I can write. But i kept up to this. Because i am not living in Amsterdam Holland, a free place. ( is it forbidden after 6 o clock drinks in red light district really ? what is heavy drinks btw  is beer a heavy drink ?)
And I am not talking on the behalf of the ones holding the power.
So friend ,I keep my eyes open be sure fot that, hope  u keep your eyes open ! That is it.
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« Reply #3 on: 26 July 2013, 08:36:53 »
Hey Enbino, good to see you and it's really pity because of those circumstances. Just wanted to write you some words of support. There was a lot of information about protests in Turkey in polish media. I also followed some facebook profiles with news about it. Hold on and take care Man!
Be sensible!


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« Reply #4 on: 27 July 2013, 20:27:37 »
Hello Dior ! It s nice to see you or hear you again.
Thanks for your support friend.
I haven't heard about u for a long time , like other many sensi friends  ( I have stopped playing long before ) ( at least online)
I hope all things are nice with you and wish u a happy successful life dear worthy friend.