CUSTOM TEAMS (1986-2010)

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CUSTOM TEAMS (1986-2010) by Insane

Download Here:

These TEAM.072 (ORIGINAL CUSTOM TEAMS) and CUSTOMS.EDT (EDITED CUSTOM TEAMS) files will replace the old made up teams with 96 real teams.

These files contain:
- 48 memorable club teams and 48 national teams during the years 1986-2010.
- Most teams are World Cup, European Cup, League, Champions League, UEFA Cup, Cup winners Cup winners or finalists.
- All players have their unique stats to keep things consistent (For example: Frank Rijkaard of AC MILAN 1990 has the same stats as Frank Rijkaard of HOLLAND 1992 etc. etc.).
- If a club team is called GALATASARAY 2000, that means It's the team from the 1999/2000 season. Ajax 1995 is from the 1994/1995 season etc. etc.
- National teams are based on their Euro Cup/World Cup selections.

How to install:

Replace the TEAM.072 file in your SWOS/DATA folder
Replace the CUSTOMS.EDT file in your SWOS folder (Not in the DATA folder)

You can find these new teams if you choose "FRIENDLY" and then "ORIGINAL CUSTOM TEAMS" for club teams and "EDITED CUSTOM TEAMS" for national teams.

These teams are ment for friendly matches or to create your own DIY league/cup/tournament.

(Works for SWOS 95/96, SWOS 96/97 and SWOS 2020 Amiga/DOS/Windows)
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