SWOS 2020 Downloads

It's finally here...

(31MB - Win 7,8,10)

@2019-12-19 19:58:26 by Playaveli


2020 squads
I've recently installed swos on my tablet it's the original DOS version.. Can anyone help with how I go about adding the 2020 squads.... TIA
@2020-01-09 20:44:13 by Lillers

Windows 10
Is there a Windows 10 tutorial? I have ASWOS but struggling to get total pack installed? I keep getting a 'file checking failed' message?
@2019-12-24 17:24:17 by Deeman1979

Can you please write an instruction for mac users??
@2019-12-24 09:41:07 by Bulut

Back with a BANG!
Cannot thank Playaveli and the team enough for all their hard work in bringing us SWOS 2020. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all!
@2019-12-20 18:24:17 by ShaggyDave

Childhood dreams came true!
I was using ASWOS for a little while, and it was a good nostalgia trip. After installing 2020 it was not a nostalgia trip anymore. All my wildest dreams about SWOS simply materialised in front of my eyes! Devs and whoever was involved in it - big, massive THANK YOU for creating this. Amazing job!
@2019-12-20 14:24:20 by Domz666

please tutorial fo mac
@2019-12-20 14:24:04 by Dzeko9

Install with no previous version
How do you install the Windows version on a new pc? (no previous version)
@2019-12-20 13:44:47 by Stakey

@2019-12-20 12:30:19 by raen

SWOS 2020
Best Christmas from long time..... I'm 40 years old! Now starting teach my sons SWOS!
@2019-12-20 11:57:35 by fefobna

False alarm
I don't have a previous copy omg I'm going 2 kill myself
@2019-12-20 09:52:03 by Boyce

fantastico!!! grazie :)
@2019-12-20 09:27:39 by tony22

SWOS 2020
@2019-12-20 08:53:09 by Festi

Seria A
Bello, lavoro incredibile... la Serie A però resta a 18 squadre :( Beautiful, unbelievable work. . .but the Seria A is still 18 teams :(
@2019-12-20 08:16:00 by casadio