Before we relaunched the website and released the 2020 Update we got between 50 and 100 unique visitors on website.

After Relaunch of Website we got between 150 and 200 unique users per day.

NOW ... some weeks after SWOS 2020 Release we have 500 to 1000 unique website visitors a day.

I have to say, that it is much more than i would have expected. We got a lot of new users here, which may be part of our Community. So lets help them in Discord or Forum, to get deep into the game, offline and online.

SWOS 2020 makes it possible. Thanks to creatores and all players cool

A new decade of SWOS has started. We wish you a happy new year and much fun with SWOS 2020.

The Online Seasons will end on 31st of January. So you have still a lot of time to finish your matches.

The Second round of J-Community-Cup has started. 32 Players are still in competitions. Best 4 of each group will promote to next round. Deadline for matches will be the 31st of January too.

SWOS on !

It's finally here...

(31MB - Win 7,8,10)
(500MB - Win7,8,10)

(2MB - Amiga 600/1200 +4MB fastram)


- To install the Windows version (standalone or Total Pack), you need to have a previous version of SWOS on your harddrive
(DOS or GOG directory, swos.hdf or SWOS2 file in a previous whdload!)
- Linux tutorial can be found in our forum. Mac OSX tutorial will follow shortly!

Update 1.0.1

[Standalone] - Fixed crash when "R" pressed in case of result display - Fixed crash when "Space" pressed in case of result display - Fixed strange scoring behaviour in career mode (Sometimes extra times not triggered bug)


[Total Pack] - Fixed `Total Pack not started on certain Windows` - Fixed bug of sound option in launcher screen - Fixed bug of `Enable Custom SFX' option in sound menu - Added some missing *.256 files (Two intro images) - Changed 96/97 to 20/20 logo in the intro image - Fixed Serbian commentary info (Author: Gravedigger-Sydney) - Added Gravedigger-Sydney to credits - Changed name of Italian commentary to Bruno Pizzul - Fixed Bruno Pizzul commentary info (Author: Adrian Venditez) - Updated Bruno Pizzul commentary (.mp3 files) - Added Adrian Venditez to credits - Fixed .mp3 and .wav preview audio bug of commentary - Added Anoxic (Author of AG-SWSEdt) to credits (Data structure identification of leagues and cups) - Added 'This software is freeware.' text to about window in game launcher


ROOKIES FUNCUP has started, but free places yet available
December 23th to January 5
for <3month registered players

Eager to play everyday and can't wait for ASL rivals to appear?
Want to improve your connections skills?
Training to recuperate "20 years ago" play?

This is your funcup: 8 matches vs each rival, funcup channel to talk and chat, websupport for results and tableboards...
Link to Tourney

special for new players, 7 users already registered, 48 matches for each one, get your place.
ask in #rookies-funcup to join, discord