In the year 1999 ElMichaJ created a small website about a small SWOS player group in Berlin. The group played some small tournaments with 4 to 5 players at least twice a month and we decided to have something like a ranking and statistic system. I have learned my first step in coding HTML and some Basic Delphi. I created a tool for calculating some points for each placement. Then I updated an HTML Website after each tournament.

Later there was also a small PlayVsPcCompetion, where players got a save of a career they and had to play the next game and send the highlights to me for calculating standings.

At that time (around 2001) I have searched the world wide web for SWOS and contacted every person on their email for working togehter on SWOS Project. There was also a big website about an yugoslavian offline community and their tournaments. This website was the blueprint for my next steps.

As Redhair contacted me, we decided to start a website only about SWOS on the url .

Redhair made all the graphics and layout, i made content and structure. The registration at that time was only an html which sent a mail to me and i had to enter the data manually. laughing

We had also created a forum or message board for users about serveral topics.

This was the first version of our board

and here is a version of 2005 with own subdomain

2003 we have switched the webspace to a subdomain of because we could use php and database now. We had 15 Offline Ranking Members

In 2004 the website made a lot of big changes. More and more database functions were implemented and it was possbile to play Sensible Soccer Sega System Online.

In Summer we translated the german website to english. So now all players could register and understand how to play.

we had 500 users now and Sega Season 4 was running. It was also possible to play AMIGA SWOS Online. It was a bit buggy and we had much desynchs. But Redhair build a version with delphi which was more stable and better to use.

December 2004 we had 1000 registered accounts.

In Autumn 2005 we got our own server and transfered all content to it. The old elmichaj subdomain was to small (150 MB webspace). Now we had much more space and could host own game servers or other interesting stuff. The next days we reached the number 3000 of website members.

The website codelines were more and more. Redhair and elmichaj had a lot of ideas for functions and statistics. Not everything worked, but a lot :)

At that time elmichaj was a bit busy with work and other life stuff. But Redhair, Playaveli and many other guys filled it with content, results, rules, stats and a lot more.

until 2009 the member count increases to 9000

2009 we also had to switch the forum to another software

until 2012 the member count increases to 11000

The time goes bye and the web developed, also the bots and attacks. So the website needed to improve their environement. 2012/2013 developed a new website system with cakephp and Djowger helped with the design.

The developement went on and we had a mobile site, some wordpress content stuff, the website front and backend and the forum. Each system was independent and it was hard to manage alltogether.

After 2 years of testing and developement we could merge all systems to only one Joomla CMS with a kunena forum integrated. Only one account for all Systems is needed now since November 2019.

We will work on the improve this, but especially elmichaj is happy that website is fast and just only one system.

Have fun and SWOS on.