It's finally here...

(31MB - Win 7,8,10)

(500MB - Win7,8,10)

(2MB - Amiga 600/1200 +4MB fastram)


- To install the Windows version (standalone or Total Pack), you need to have a previous version of SWOS on your harddrive
(DOS or GOG directory, swos.hdf or SWOS2 file in a previous whdload!)
- Linux tutorial can be found in our forum. Mac OSX tutorial will follow shortly!

Update 1.0.1

[Standalone] - Fixed crash when "R" pressed in case of result display - Fixed crash when "Space" pressed in case of result display - Fixed strange scoring behaviour in career mode (Sometimes extra times not triggered bug)


[Total Pack] - Fixed `Total Pack not started on certain Windows` - Fixed bug of sound option in launcher sreen - Fixed bug of `Enable Custom SFX' option in sound menu - Added some missing *.256 files (Two intro images) - Changed 96/97 to 20/20 logo in the intro image - Fixed Serbian commentary info (Author: Gravedigger-Sydney) - Added Gravedigger-Sydney to credits - Changed name of Italian commentary to Bruno Pizzul - Fixed Bruno Pizzul commentary info (Author: Adrian Venditez) - Updated Bruno Pizzul commentary (.mp3 files) - Added Adrian Venditez to credits - Fixed .mp3 and .wav preview audio bug of commentary - Added Anoxic (Author of AG-SWSEdt) to credits (Data structure identification of leagues and cups) - Added 'This software is freeware.' text to about window in game launcher