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ISSF Ko Round 11/2020

The ISSF KO Rounds have started

Champions League

yashalkok - nuno portugal

bobbiebobras - cagonto

boruc2 - GMOwl

Manuel - ilcignodz


sangiovese - CocaCola

Lord Quake - ragama74

robevz - Edgar A.R.G.

Taneriko - quarenzo

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@2020-11-22 13:00:24 by ElMichaJ

October 2020 Season Review

The September 2020 Online League Season has finished. So again it is time for some fame:

League Winner
Champions League bobbiebobras (again)
ISSF Cup quarenzo (again)
Amiga Super League bobbiebobras
Czech League finaipepe
Serie A yashalkok (again)
La Liga Cagonto
Liga Portuguesa nuno portugal
UK Premier League GMOwl (again)
Extraklasa bobbiebobras (again)
Deutsche Sensibleliga AndYpsilon (again)
Turkish Sensible League Riko

The FISS (Italian SWOS Association) is leading constantly with very strong results in each season. This is absolutely a top performance! Now they have three slots for Championsleague and ISSF Cup.

MVP of October 2020 : bobbiebobras

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@2020-11-03 09:13:34 by ElMichaJ

ISSF Ko Round 10/2020

The ISSF KO Rounds have started

Champions League

assura - Nestoroide

bobbiebobras - Edgar A.R.G.

yashalkok - CocaCola

ManchesterMan82 - ilcignodz


quarenzo - finaipepe

Taneriko - Seth

ElMichaJ - Cagonto

Manuel - L i z a r d

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@2020-10-22 13:00:24 by ElMichaJ

Team Cups and ISSF Stats

It is now possible to create tournament with team aspects. The first try was the issf ranking for issf cups, where all points of each association are summed up for the ranking, to find out how many players will qualify from national leagues to the issf cups.

the green marker shows points of each association for each season. The average of all association points divided through number of association players is the deciding number.

The averages of the last five seasons counted togehter create the most important number which decides about 1,2 or 3 places in issf cup or champions league.

If a national league has more qualifiers than active players, other leagues will get the left places choosen by ranking place in this table. If your association has 5 qualifier places , but your league has only 4 players, then only top 3 goes to issf. The two left places goes to the others then. Not everyone may qualifiy of a national league. There must be at least one losing position.

For the next weeks we have planned some Thursday Clan Cups. People are free to register. Teams will be created in the minutes before tournament start, but you can also setup a fix team with your friends.

The first Clan Cup was won by Bomb and ElMichaJ as East Germany. We will see which team will win the next cup.

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@2020-09-16 10:42:53 by ElMichaJ

September Season has started with new J-Cup

The Summer Season 2020 is over and we will post another article about the results. Now the September Season has started with a lot of matches in a shorter time.  started with 6 leagues again, with 73 players at the moment.

After finishing the last J Community Cup with winner Assura we have started a new community Cup with 120 players. The first round will end at end of september (30th).

These matches are not mandatory, but it would be nice to have as much active players as possible.

All other national leagues and ISSF Cups also have restarted.

For ISSF Cups there is now a ranking table for all active leagues, so you can see how many players will qualify for next ISSF season. But sometimes these numbers can differ, when not enough players are active in the national league.

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@2020-09-03 09:08:40 by ElMichaJ

Quarter Finals ISSF Cups

The Group Stage of ISSF Cups has finished. A lot of players played their matches, but sadly not all.

Now we will start with the Quarter Finals with fixed KO trees. Round Deadline will be the of 17th August.

Just checkout the links below and have fun!

ISSF Cup Ko Tree

CL KO Tree

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@2020-08-11 08:46:35 by ElMichaJ

ISSF Places for Summer Season 2020

The Summer Season will be two months (July and August). So we will try a longer format for ISSF Cups, which are closer to reality.

There will be 16 places for Champions League and 16 places for ISSF Cup.

First month will be played the group stage with 4 groups of 4 players, where best two of each group qualify for KOs. The second month there will be played the quarters, semis and finals.

I will also setup a system for counting players points for an association/country ranking for this ISSF places.

But first we will start with an initial setup which mixes size, skill and activity of each association.

Association CL ISSF
Italy 2 2
Poland 2 2
Spain 2 2
Germany 2 2
Czech 2 2
Portugal 1 1
Turkey 2 2
UK 2 2
Euro 1 1

If there is a national Cup, the winner is qualified for ISSF Cup. If this winner is already qualified for Championsleague, the ISSF Cup place goes to next placed in league.

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@2020-06-30 08:34:56 by ElMichaJ

Semi Finals ISSF and CL 05-2020

The new group stage and ko format has been implemented on ISSF and CL. A lot of games were played, but sadly not all.

Now it is time for Semi Finals (2 legs with extra time and penalties / away goals off):

Champions League

Gabriel vs ilcignodz

Bobbiebobras vs Neller


Assura vs Gatifun

cinek vs sasy

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@2020-05-18 10:05:13 by ElMichaJ

WInter 2019/2020 will end soon

Our Winter Online Season 2019/2020 will end at Friday evening 31st of January. It is not much time left to finish your Online League games and J-Cup Round 2 too.

The next season will be only one month again, it will be the shortest one of this year cause it is only 29 days.

All national league admins may please send me their starters for ISSF/CL, one by each league for CL and ISSF.

Applications for the next season you can post in discord channels like #applications or the language channels, maybe also in forum topics for their leagues.

Have fun and good luck.

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@2020-01-29 10:34:24 by ElMichaJ

Klinki wins Eifel XMAS 2019

The Eifel XMAS Cup on PC was played on 30th of November in Sistig. 14 Players took part and played in two groups for the places of the quarter finals. KO Phase had a lot of thrilling games including a bombasitc Penalty Shootout. It was a very smooth and fast tournament with a lot of funny and spectacular games.

The Winner Klinki was really on fire and killed all opponents in the KO Stage.

Results Eifel XMAS 2019

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@2019-12-02 09:03:56 by ElMichaJ

WInter 2019/2020

The first Online Leagues Season controlled by the new framework will end next weekend. I am observing it nearly all the time, but I could not see any problems for users or system data. So the first real Live Test looks fine. The next season will be Winter 2019/2020. It will last 2 months because players need more time for their private stuff. It is also a nice way for new players to get experienced with the system. The end of next season will be 31st of January 2020

For all hardcore players we will setup some nice fun tournaments and a bigger Online J-Cup. The national associations are free to setup further competitions. But ISSF Cups will last 2 months. So next possibility to qualify after winter season will be in February.

Have fun and SWOS on !

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@2019-11-28 10:13:15 by ElMichaJ

ISSF Cups started again

the ISSF Cups have started again. Winners of each national league will go to Champions League and play a small league about the medals. But SRN will be higher. Second Place or Cup Winner of each nation will go to ISSF Cup. I thought about KO matches, but leagues are better when playing activity is not that high in these cups. It can be switched to KO games if we have 8 leagues and a lot af activity there.

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@2019-11-06 08:38:35 by ElMichaJ

ISSF will start at November

The ISSF Cups will start in November 2019 again. It will be only league, but well, you can earn medals :)

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@2019-10-10 11:42:51 by ElMichaJ