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In early days of the website we had a map with all locations of each member who told where he lives.

Now it is possible again. It was not that easy to develop, but now it is possible that you can enter Longitude and Altitude in your Profile Settings.

Every member who has done this, will be shown on the map. Feel free to do it, but it is not a must. We dont use function for getting your location automaticially. If you want to share, you have to do it.

The main idea is that we could find neighbors for SWOS in each country to play some offline SWOS, which is still the best feeling.

After quarantine this should help you to SWOS with friends not only online.

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@2020-05-28 16:26:28 by ElMichaJ

Q Cups Grand Final Winner is (a) bomb

After 16 smaller and bigger one evening cups with a lot of lags and legs in the last weeks, there was played the Grand Final #17.

7 Players used their grand final ticket and played a fast and smooth high skilled one evening cup.

In the final, the first match won by bomb with 5-2 but ilcignodz did a great comeback and won the second game with 7-4. So an Extra Time was needed where bomb could score the deciding winner goal.

Congratulations to #2777 Bomb who is the winner of Q Cup #17 in the 666 Quarantine Cups Event Series.

1: Bomb

2: ilcignodz

3: AndYpsilon

4: Lord Quake

Because Bomb lives in the same city like me I did not have to pay some porto for his cup. I also have a second same Cup, because it was an advertinsing offer.

So I think there will be a #17+ final on 13th of June wink

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@2020-05-26 12:34:23 by ElMichaJ

Semi Finals ISSF and CL 05-2020

The new group stage and ko format has been implemented on ISSF and CL. A lot of games were played, but sadly not all.

Now it is time for Semi Finals (2 legs with extra time and penalties / away goals off):

Champions League

Gabriel vs ilcignodz

Bobbiebobras vs Neller


Assura vs Gatifun

cinek vs sasy

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@2020-05-18 10:05:13 by ElMichaJ

04/20 Season Review

The April 2020 Online League Season has finished. So again it is time for some fame:

League Winner
Champions League ilcignodz
ISSF Cup bobbiebobras
Amiga Super League Djowger
Czech League Finaipepe
Euroleague Porcupine
Serie A Gabriel
Iberian League nunoportugaln
UK Premier League Neller
Extraklasa Bobbiebobras
Deutsche Sensibleliga Schulle


The ASL now has a fifth league with two branches. It was long time ago that we had this state! Welcome to all our new and old players!

 We are also very happy to start a new league series: Turkish Sensible Soccer League

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@2020-05-02 09:13:34 by ElMichaJ

Q Cups - Road to Grand Final

We have made some nice Q(uaratine) Cups the last weeks. Nine Cups are played and seven left will follow (like today).

Each Winner got a ticket to the Grand Final Q Cup #17. The Winner of the Grand Final will get a real Cup.

Every Online Player may take part on this One-Evening-Cups the next weeks.

Q Cups Medals

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@2020-04-27 12:47:23 by ElMichaJ

How to Play Online

Hello there! Do you wish to join our SWOS community and play Sensible Soccer friendlies, leagues and tourneys? See how to register and join discord chat here...

Please Support us


SASY 5:3 ilcignod
ilcignod 1:1 SASY
SASY 3:1 xflea
xflea 1:0 SASY
burellap 2:5 Bomb
Bomb 4:0 burellap
GeordieF 0:2 Neller
Neller 5:3 GeordieF
GeordieF 3:1 Gavioto
Gavioto 0:0 GeordieF
Wolek 1:2 xflea
xflea 0:5 Wolek
SASY 1:9 ilcignod
ilcignod 6:3 SASY
Sordan 2:0 Kowal LK
Kowal LK 4:4 Sordan
Sordan 6:1 Kowal LK
Kowal LK 2:1 Sordan
BOCo23 1:5 Manchest
Manchest 2:2 BOCo23
assura 4:4 bobbiebo
bobbiebo 2:2 assura
assura 2:3 bobbiebo
assura 1:2 bobbiebo
bobbiebo 3:3 assura
bobbiebo 6:2 assura
Kowal LK 0:4 iron
iron 4:0 Kowal LK
Mozg 1:1 ROO10
ROO10 3:1 Mozg
Mozg 1:2 ROO10
ROO10 4:4 Mozg
Cagonto 3:0 ustorrej
ustorrej 3:3 Cagonto
SASY 5:2 neogette
neogette 1:4 SASY
Fanto 6:1 Neller
Neller 7:2 Fanto
Tony Man 2:7 patigoal
patigoal 6:3 Tony Man
Fanto 2:2 neogette
neogette 2:7 Fanto
fwos1983 2:3 Tony Man
Tony Man 4:3 fwos1983
Boruc2 3:3 BOCo23
Shaddow7 1:3 iron
iron 4:0 Shaddow7
djowGer 2:3 SASY
SASY 1:5 djowGer
attixx 2:1 sangiove
2 days ago
iron 3:1 ROO10
ROO10 3:4 iron
iron 5:4 ROO10
ROO10 3:4 iron
iron 3:0 czolo
czolo 0:2 iron
iron 3:0 czolo
czolo 0:4 iron
quarenzo 0:2 Lord Qua
FuJimOtO 2:3 sangiove
sangiove 4:0 Lord Qua
FuJimOtO 3:5 sangiove
L i z a 3:2 Wildcats
Wildcats 1:1 L i z a
Morenda 2:1 Wildcats
Wildcats 1:1 Morenda
Flint 1:3 Snorri
Snorri 2:0 Flint
Piana 0:4 iron
iron 5:1 Piana
Piana 1:2 iron
iron 4:3 Piana
3 days ago
Bomb 1:1 ElMichaJ
sokratee 2:0 Shaddow7
Shaddow7 0:2 sokratee
sokratee 3:1 Shaddow7
Shaddow7 0:3 sokratee
Bomb 2:2 kindeloo
ElMichaJ 1:0 Bomb
ElMichaJ 1:2 kindeloo
Sordan 2:3 iron
iron 1:2 Sordan
Sordan 4:3 iron
iron 0:3 Sordan
kindeloo 1:4 Bomb
Bomb 1:0 ElMichaJ
kindeloo 2:2 ElMichaJ
Bomb 3:3 kindeloo
ElMichaJ 0:1 kindeloo
iron 5:0 Stanley2
Stanley2 1:6 iron
ElMichaJ 3:4 kindeloo
Bomb 2:1 kindeloo
Bomb 2:1 ElMichaJ
kindeloo 0:2 ElMichaJ
kindeloo 0:2 Bomb
ElMichaJ 0:0 Bomb
Cagonto 1:0 FuJimOtO
FuJimOtO 3:3 Cagonto
Seth 1:1 gatifun

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