Sensible Days 2022 - Review

What an event it was... last weekend saw over 30 players participating in this year's Sensible Days in Barcelona.
We would like to thank our hosts of the Spanish Team, gatifun, Nestoroide, crom1 and Fujimoto who did an excellent job and making everybody feel welcome, safe and enjoying themselves.
Thanks to all the many helpers who brought software, hardware and expertise to the tournament. As usual, team effort is for the win!

The tournaments saw SWOS at a very good level, with Blazej performing as the GOAT that he is and winning the quadruple.

PC results
AMIGA results
Xbox results
Classic results


  • Bomb won his first ever medal on AMIGA SWOS
  • djowGer could have been the 5th player ever to win both tournaments (try again!!!)
  • ElMichaj's streak of never missing Sensible Days continues
  • lobo with his 3rd silver medal on AMIGA (record!)
  • Bobbiebobras with this 3rd silver medal on XBOX! (still waiting for his first title on any system!)

Hope to see everyone next year... at Sensible Days 2023... DAYS MUST GO ON!!

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