Septmeber 2022 Season Review

The September 2022 Online League Season has finished. So again it is time for some fame:

League Winner
Champions League ---
ISSF Cup ---
Amiga Super League Nestoroide
Czech League finaipepe
Serie A Yashalkok
Iberian League Julen
UK Premier League Zafer
Extraklasa bobbiebobars

APL Review First Season by Zafer

The first season of Amiga Premier League finished with a surprising line up as there was only one “tacticzku” fan on the medal stage (and only by goal average as Nestoroide, Crom1 and Zafer finished the league with 51 points each). Yashalkok won the league with 61 points and far away from the rest, where his runner up Rebel collected 52 points.

It was the first time trying a league with custom tactics completely allowed, and zBark and Gatifun were those who were enlightened by the availability of this function of SWOS and enjoyed this kind of play a lot, although they didn’t have tactics of their own. Rebel created his own tactic and Yashalkok played a variation of 523, but neither are “tactic-preferred” players in their ASL games.
The league finished with good participation of 14 players where each played a minimum of 20 games. Some players were not happy with the “SRNx2- It’s for the Daring” aspect of the league, and after some discussion in the channel it was decided to be SRNx1.5 in the October season, still for the daring, but not as much shocking any more!

This was a good test of how it will be if there were no custom tactic restrictions, a few players left during and after the end of the league but majority (including ‘tacticzku-not much of a fan’s:) seem to be fine with the complete freedom this new league offers in choice and use of tactics. Let’s see soon who will be the 2nd ever champion of the APL!

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