Top Player in World Cup 2010 edition

1 year 8 months ago #142674 by sokratees9
I'm not sure if this is the right place for this type of thing, but after downloading SWOS 2020 a couple of weeks ago, I started a career mode in El Salvador (as you do). Anyway, I started out as a team called Once Lobos in the third division (yes, there is a third division in that league, and it's the 4th tier since the top division is called something like the Premier Division).

For some reason, I had the World Cup 2010 team DB loaded, no idea why, it wasn't intentional.

Anyway, after a few games (or maybe a season), I signed a LW called Ramon Munoz from Urgente Limeno, worth about 150k, and he was amazing. He was probably single-handedly responsible for me getting promoted each season. He didn't bang in loads, but the amount of speed and ball control he had at that level was great. Value went up at least 100k by the time I left.

Also, for some reason, the GK on that team was also great (<amuel Aguirre), just a basic 30k guy, but I've had many more expensive GKs in other leagues that let in piss easy goals, but this guy rarely made mistakes. It might be that the opposition was generally rubbish, but he was their level (or worse by the time I got to the top flight), and was great.

Also, is it intentional by the devleopers/people who update the SWOS DB to include a few players that are much better than their value or star rating would indicate? Or it simply that he was probably just playing in exactly the right place in the right formation (4-4-2, oringal tactics, I rarely fiddle with the defaults)?

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