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so let me get this straight, all I have to do is download amiga adf file, put it on a usb. put the usb into the mist and away I go?

You have to get an SD card which goes into the MIST, front side. On this you copy your files, and off you go. Simple as that.
(I have a complete Amiga setup ready for you, if you need it, with Top200 games ready to play from Workbench).

The MIST uses VGA Monitor, USB mouse and USB keyboard. I presume you still have those somewhere?
You can connect original Amiga joysticks (9pin) and/or USB joysticks. Either work!

In the end, it will look like in this video, you can fast forward to 2:15mins if you use my setup files:

Also, the MIST can do Atari, NES, C64, Sega and other systems. So you are not limited to use as an Amiga. :)
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