Re: Feedback after 10 days playing with 3MINS.....!!! Tell us your opinion!

15 years 4 months ago #18075 by LIK
I want say one thing about understanding too.

Some people fail to see that i am joking in most of my posts and they take it personaly.
I never had problem joking on my own account but some people do it seams.

As expirinced SWOS player i take it that i am competent to say something about the game, rules and so on. I ment nothing bad just wanted to clear some things up in healthy conversation. I totally respect admins for all their work here and great site which united communities all over europe but telling me my words are trash is a big insult for me and total disrespect towards me as a person.

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15 years 4 months ago - 15 years 4 months ago #18077 by Playaveli


PS: Your other comments aren t necessarily a credit to yourself... Your niveau is too high to talk trash! I have a higher opinion of you in general!

If i got this right, you are telling me my other comments were trash ?

@ Lik:

It s more than pure opportunism what a revolutionary needs...Not your words are trash! Sorry, language barrier. But it s trash to joke and use irony in any topic and reply!

@ mt:

Great post! I understand what you mean and I agree with your opinion and point of view. You explained very well, especially the part of offline/online difference for you etc... Respectable, truely!

But me and Redhair (who are running this website) don t have and don t want that seperation between online / offline... Infact, we don t even have it between PC and Amiga. Best example are the Sensible Days... Many players are arguing about PC is shit ..or Make Amiga tournament on Sunday etc... but we focus on both versions and see only SWOS as one game, not as a 2-system-barrier!
Maybe too hard to explain in a foreign language...and you translating it back to Italian in your mind... I hope the main idea makes it through! ;)

SWOS or even Sensible Soccer is best played against your mate (human opponent). And the game was created in a time when there was no internet. It s a passion you could/can share with your next-door-friend, even if that door is 10, 20 or 100km away from you.
The communicative aspect while meeting up with your friends is unrivalled. You said yourself you played with your mates back in the days...
We try to bring the online gaming as close the offline experience as possible. That is why we love the private atmosphere here on, having a chatroom with more then just anonymous users, but real friends...without having seen each other. Well, we have a photo album here in forum, so that we actually see each other... What other game has that?

Even if we play online... the relationship to lots of us is just like offline! Just like to your friends next door! Best example is LIK... he feels big insulted by somebody he has never even met in real life! How can you do that? ;)
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15 years 4 months ago - 15 years 4 months ago #18081 by Redhair
I m really happy about that you begin to understand us.

Online-gaming was never our intention to found this site. The main goal was to find other freaks who play SWOS and bring them all together, to give them a platform to play SWOS, with all feelings SWOS can give. Online is only a surrogate. I remember, in the past it was nearly impossible to find online opponents, not to mention offline! This time is now over and this is a merit of! But we don t forget our main intention, more members = more opponents in your region!

Well, it s a bit off-topic ;) I should create an about us on

We really love to play online, no question, but we also have a lot of different experiences in SWOS, offline and online. We are still learning, from ourselfs and from others! If we think we can improve something, we will do it. That s why we decided for 3 mins. as we decided for equal off, we want a fair base, the best for all. All the experiences we made are the base for this decisions, no polls. Every vote of an (only) online-player who voted only for his personal statistics (success), is worthless for me. I hope you understand now, what I mean with different weights of votes.

AH YES, and about PC and Amiga splitting: doesn t matter which version or system, we just love SWOS! I love it to play SWOS with friends, this is the most important. Sure, I like Amiga more, but whatever, it is SWOS. The versions are a bit different, that s the only reason for two rankings, but we want to unite them on Sensible Days. Have fun with Sensible, if SEGA, PC, Amiga or Atari. That s our motto and we really like to meet like-minded people.

AH, and about the 3, 5, 10 mins. professionals setting: I agree with mt653, the more time you play the harder is it to beat Coolio. But on the other side: it s harder for you to beat other players in less time. You will stumble like Coolio will, from time to time, it is the same fair base for all. But there will be more motivation to challenge. Also I see a better level of SWOS skills, if you have enough time, you will score sometime, but with less time you need more creativity!
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15 years 4 months ago - 15 years 4 months ago #18175 by SPIR is the greatest platform to meet other SWOS freaks and to play the most beautifull game ever. Site and community is simply fantastic.
For sure I respect (and obey) the rules set by adm. for this site and credit your terrific effort in mantaining the best SWOS site ever!

No matter what time option is set as a platform, Im sure we agree its still SWOS and its still FUN.

I dont like the change from 5 to 3 mins. but I am sure, I can adapt and also hope that, like DaBomb, 3 mins. will soon feel like 5 mins.
Initially I thought this means 2 mins. less SWOS --- 2 mins. less fun . This is still true to me but online not a big problem (if I look away from the fact that game is stopped and score reset) solution for me is to play more games. Participating in offline events on the other hand often means travelling far, maybe a 1000 kilometers or so to SensiDays for eksample. A special meeting that cant happen so often and I am sad that games are set to shortest option on such an event. Offcourse its a problem with many participants to finish turnament before sunrise but solution to this is more Amiga s (and PC s) (brackets there ment as a joke). I know that this time problem is not the only reason to play with 3 mins. in SensiDays. There are other reasons too. I can only speak for myself, and I will allways vote for longer games from my point of view - longer games-- more SWOS-- more fun.

I hardly have any time to play SWOS at the moment but ill be back after easter deadlier than ever and more ready than ever for SWOS fun. See you on the pitch. I am looking forward alot!
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