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10 months 4 weeks ago #143880 by captaincofresi
I have played seven seasons of the English Premier League in SWOS 2020. So thanks for all the effort in trying to get it as up-to-date as possible. Sorry about pressing for these formations changes earlier. Since when I tried to attempt to change some formations, I noticed it isn't that simple, due to changes in personell during the year ;-). And I now get that the Sensi 451 = Real life 433, since Sensi's official 433 is broken. With that in mind I used the following website to check what formations are no longer current in the English Premier League:

(1) Website used for formations check:
(2) Website to see players' positions in formations:

In the example of Brighton, I noticed at least two key players missing in SWOS 2020, on the second website: Bissouma and Lamptey. One was a January transfer and another is playing there longer. So it might be that that website is a bad resource or that SWOS just wasn't up to date. So I better leave the updating to the pros.

So here are my suggestions for the English Premier League for next season, although some will be playing in the Championship though ;-).

  • Brighton and Hove Albion, in v1.0 = 343; in real life 442 >> 442;
  • Liverpool, in v1.2 433; in real life 433 >> 451, because it represents in real life 433.
  • Norwich City, in v1.0 = 451; in real life 4231 >> 424; The 4231 then with Mozg's tactics would be exactly the same as in real life.
  • Southampton currently in v1.0 = 352; in real life 442 >> 442;
  • Watford currently in v1.0 = 451; 4231* >> in real life 424 >> 424; The 4231 then with Mozg's tactics would be exactly the same as in real life.
  • West Ham United currently in v1.0 = 451; in real life 442 >> 442
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers, in v1.0 = 352; in real life 343 >> 343

Hope this helps a bit for the next update, to have an indication of resources that can be used.

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9 months 1 week ago - 9 months 1 week ago #144003 by captaincofresi
Additional: I did get the hint from Synchronated that the current 433 formation in SWOS is kinda obsolete. What I would suggest, if at all possible is to rename the 451 formation in an upcoming SWOS version to 433 and give that formation to the offensive teams. Then again that then still leaves the old 433 formation from SWOS, is there maybe a way to rename that one too? So that it represents a different (more realistic to the positions) formation than the name suggests now?

My wish for this is mostly due to the fact that I play a lot vs the CPU, with the 'very hard to beat goalkeepers'. And did notice that playing vs the 451 formation, using the 442 formation with Liverpool myself I find it a lot more difficult to beat those teams. When I then encountered top teams like Barcelona in a final with a 433 (the old one in SWOS) I could beat them very easily. So then the finals versus top team don't really feel like finals, if they are still using the old 433 formation in SWOS.
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