Playmate needed at Amiga SWOS

15 years 3 months ago #49071 by boogie76

Would somebody play with me friendly or any games by swos?

I have played amiga swos with Kaillera some years a go. I still got one emulator which have that Kaillera connection.
You propably have updated version, or maybe my old emulator works and you can tell correct channel to use.

I would be good playmatre, because I have 8mbit/s Internetconnection and there would ne no lag by myside.

I also need that #irc thing, that I can talk with others.I have missed it.
What else software I needed to play kaillera games ?

AND FINALLY! I needed playmate who has patient! I want to set my keyboards that moving are normal arrow keys AND fire button is right shift -button. NOT right CTRL.
When i played with others some years ago, too many had no patient to wait I set keyboard settings correct. Somebody even professed that it is not possible to set other button than right CTRL.
But ofcourse it is possible to play different button settings.

So if there were kind person who would sent me things i needed and person who has passion to wait untill I can hace buttons ok, I really would like to play Kaillera SWOS games.

I have played many thousands games of SWOS, not so much nowadays and most of my games are against computer...

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15 years 3 months ago - 15 years 3 months ago #49075 by Playaveli
You find all online SWOS players in the chatroom of the website:

Just talk to people there and arrange your matches.

Other keys settings:

Point 2.3.2

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