how to enable promotion/relegation playoffs in a league?

1 year 4 months ago #145806 by Nikkisixx1981
Hi. Is there a way to enable a promotion/relegation playoff in a league, the way the England leagues does? I´d like to change the scottish lower divisions, where swos has just 2 plain promotions/relegations for each one. I´d like to turn it to 1 promotion + a playoff, or maybe just replicate to the other divisions the relegation playoff swos has between premier and div1 in Scotland. Thanks

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10 months 4 days ago - 10 months 4 days ago #146139 by DaniSwos
Yes, there is, but it is not easy. You need to modify the executable of the game "swos-port-release.exe" at the right places where league formats are specified.
I would suggest the following:

- download the editor "G_SWSEdt" ( for the PC-DOS version of SWOS; the editor allows you to change a lot of things, among other, also the league formats (the file swos.exe will be changed)
- check with an hex editor which bytes of swos.exe have been changed and with which values, and try to find out at which offset those bytes are in swos-port-release.exe
- change accordingly "swos-port-release.exe" with an hex editor 

Here you can find some details about the league formats in the .exe:
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