Bugs and crashes after updates

11 years 9 months ago #83459 by archetyper
You probably know usualls bugs in Amiga SWOS when you overwrite data files with new ones:

1. at the end of career season game simply make crash :(

2. in some updates I have problem with graphics:
- dingy graphics elements appears before friendly and competitions matches (choose squad and tactic screen)
- during the match, player who jump to hit ball with head (and who is near the goal) almost disapear for moment (miliseconds before that player become dingy sprite)
- during the match, after the goal scoring, some players who celebrating goal become dingy sprites for few moments

3. some preset competitions crashes on begining

4. screen becomes black after some matches in DIY competitions and I can t back in DIY agan to continue playing next matches. This happens often

Yes, I know: I used RNC propack to compress big files (like england leagues) but some bugs still exist.

Is there any solution?

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11 years 1 month ago #95142 by Synchronated
You need to
- propack all data files, not just the small ones. Everything in the data folder
- be using the original league structure and other original game files, and have changed NO league sizes/number of teams
- have retained all European-qualifying clubs as top-division clubs (ie don t change their division, move the data to another team if need be)
- have used fix foreign market tool in Pablo Fridlender s SWOS Editor, before propacking the data

Not doing any of the above can result in crashes especially in Career mode.

Changing only things in the data folder will not affect graphics, but it can cause all the other crashes listed here.

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