Porable Soccer DX (PSDX)

8 years 5 months ago - 8 years 5 months ago #132229 by Laubacher
Red the forum and saw few people looking for good football game on android, hey I have great tip for you - Portable Soccer DX :D

It is simple 2D game. For gameplay you use virtual joystick (move) and three buttons A (to shoot,cross,slide and jump) B (auto pass) and C (short straight pass). Shooting is, I would say, similar to SWOS, player shots where you are aiming and then you can curve it (hold A and add direction). Slide is made byplayer in the way where you aiming ass well. Cross, you can make cross into the penalty area while the ball is on the right, or left from the penalty area (and you can also curve it :)). Auto pass will try to find your teammate in the way you aiming. And short pass is only on small distances, why use it then? When you use auto pass, the ball will go exactly into your teammate and he will turn around and go for it, so its not usable if you want to pass into run because the ball wont go few meters ahead of him like if you use short pass (C).

There is no career like in SWOS, PSDX is all about World Cup.. so there are only international teams who played the last two WC (2010 and 2014). In options you can choose if you want random groups (of 2010,2014 or combined) or if you want real groups (always same :D). Players are real with edited names but you will recognise everyone because the only change is N or T at the end of the name. (Messin, Sanchezn, Ronaldon etc.)
Every player has his own stats on a scale of 1 to 10 - skills are speed, (shot) power, stamina (if you active it in options), defending, technique (ability to curve the goal), dribling and keeping (only GKs) and every team is rated also 1-10 (it servers for calcuting the result between two AIs)

And then you can change many things in setting (Difficulty, game time, stamina, judge level, how big your controllers are, fps and much more.. just go to options and check :D) And I cant forgot on the tactic! There is nothing like 3-5-2, 4-3-3 etc. you have 11 circles on map/pitch and you can put them whenever you want.. 10 attackers? No problem! :)

Much like SWOS, isnt it? :) I really like it, remember how I couldnt score a single goal on Normal difficulty and now, after some hours I play on extra, with extra stamina and it is still easy to win for me.. (only Brasil and Spain makes some challenge) but ofc. its not that hard, like SWOS is :D and it will take some time to win on extra :D The only thing I hate are penalties, they are totaly broken u will see.. :D

First try trial version (you cant edit players, cant choose and edit ball (less fun :D) and you have to wait on coins to play game) and then you can buy full version - cost less than 1 euro ;). But if you dont want to pay, trial version doesnt limit gameplay and is fun, I used to play trial version like half a year.

Full version: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.chobin.android.psdx hl=cs
Lite version: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ne...bin.android.psdxlite
Manual: chobin.net/soccer/android/manual.php (It explain everything I tried to write here, and its writen in normal english :D)

Give this game chance, for me it is the best mobile game ever :). If you wanna know something, just ask. I will try to help/explain it to you :)

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