SWOS 96/97 with DOSBox with FULL graphics?

6 years 7 months ago #121419 by Hajas
Anyone succeed to load SWOS with DOSBox but with FULL QUALITY graphics?

I remember back on the days have this issue in my DX386, dunno why SWOS detected that my CPU was slowest and didn't load all the graphics, aside the game was perfect playable while at my friends computers the same game, with the same dos/boot configs, and same free memory and sometimes even lowest free memory, could run the game with all the full graphics.

Now I'm having this same issue running with DOSBox, in 2 different Android players and also in a very good PC with a GTX9800 that can be run many modern games in full hd and full quality. So is not really my computer that is not good enough, seams the computer emulated is not powerfull enough to load all GFX from SWOS.

I already looked on the internet, and all the screenshots that I find from DOSBox, all of them are without the full graphics.... anyone really made that work? or is really not possible?

cheers from SWOS BRASIL! :D

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6 years 7 months ago #121433 by Playaveli
Hey Freddy!

Go to Dos Prompt (or settings in dosbox launcher) and type:  "sws /f"

Attribute /f  loads full version!

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