Looking for Sensible Soccer 2006 (PS2) updates

2 weeks 21 hours ago #143578 by JSantos1980
I've found recently how great is playing Sensible Soccer 2006.
I agree with those who were disappointed when it was released - unfinished, missing features
like editing, career mode or huge database. But gameplay it's not that bad thing, despite some bugs.
No matter in PC Version ( unfortunately a mod page is disabled ) or PS2 , there's a inherent fun.
Due to PCSX2 ( a PS2 emulator ) and changing some settings (contrast, shaders included, speed), we can give a different look to
Sensible Soccer 2006 like a comics style, quite far from blurry PS2 release.
Someone has released few years ago, a patch for PS2 version with correct team names and kits.
If everyone knows where to find this patch, please send me a link.
Btw, play SWOS 2020 - great work, but try SS2006 just to feel the mood inside the game.

J Santos

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2 weeks 20 hours ago #143580 by Playaveli
If you search the old topics in this forum you might have some luck and find it.
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