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At a friend I got the option for play Sociable Soccer on his iPad with an PS4 controller for a bit. So here is my feedback on the Apple Arcade version (played it with English teams) and here is what I think would have to be improved for the PC version they have announced to come in Late 2020. Please note that I do play Sensi (the Amiga version) a lot ;-), so there will be a bit of a bias in this :P. For those people worried about the 'hoof' button in earlier versions, it's gone now. Still, too many buttons though and no fast and long ground passes.

  • Add a clear explanation on how Sprint works (if playing with a controller you get this option), since now it seems the button is not working when keeping it pressed down to sprint. Or repeated press does not work to keep sprinting. I guess it's a short burst, so that it is not overpowered. But that is not made clear in the menu. And it's unclear when you can use it again.
  • Give the option to 'remove sprint' control completly for each match, since it totally ruins tactical gameplay for team who have players with the best Speed stats. Or as an tactical alternative to sprint, give players a three scaled option for the following tactics: full press, man to man, hang back (best if playing against fast players to defend better).
  • Add passing long, when pressing the button long, for those surprise passes over the ground. Totally missing them now. Same goes for shooting on goal, there is no option now to shoot hard over the ground, since shooting hard will lift the ball automatically. So no fast shots in the lower corners of the goal.
  • Goalkeepers should catch more balls with their hands, scoring rebound goals is way too easy. I played with top teams from England, and the goalkeepers weren't that good.
  • Kicking back to the goalkeeper, should not stop the game. Should not be a free kick, that is a terrible thing in this game. Completely slows the game way down and isn't realistic at all. Goalkeeper should just become a normal player to kick the ball away.
  • More more more and better better better goalkeeper animations, these are now so very very clumsy.
  • For the Goalkeeper, change the Chip button = Throwing out the ball (as a short medium height pass). This would give the goalkeeper some more variation in what they can do, as well as a better variation in the goalkeepers animations.
  • Explain somewhere what the option in Gameplay called Post Processing does, or at least have a game manual for further explanation on your own website. Could not see what was different using that option.
  • Adding pitch types: frozen, hard, soft, muddy, wet, dry. So that you get a bit different physics, like it has been done in Sensible World of Soccer (Sensi). This would be an easy way to give the game more variation without it being too complex.
  • I get that you want to keep it simple, but as a Sensi fan I would like to see the option for DIY Leagues and Cups. So that yellow cards and red cards also have more consequences.
  • And for a Steam version, add a Workshop for MODS, that would be great. Since there already is a large Sensi community that I think would love to contribute to this. E.g. adding new stadiums.

All in all I did enjoy playing it for a bit at a friend's house. But if I had to choose right now, I would rather go for Sensi 2020 ;-).
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