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3 years 8 months ago #142806 by captaincofresi
I really love the new Expert mode with the Mozg's Tactics v3. It's a real challenge, even when playing with a strong team like Liverpool in the Premier League, the Expert tactics are more compact overall. For now I have player two Premier League seasons with it, one in Career mode and one as a Season. Here are some things I noticed:

Career mode (playing with the 5-1-2-2 tactic using Liverpool; selecting 5-3-2 ingame):
  • The ammount of injuries seem to be quite high in my opinion, compared to playing a season. I guess this is probably balanced this way, so that you also use all of your squad. It might also be bad luck in the season or it might be due to the compacter tactics. Hence, there will be more one on one duels.
  • It seems that the dominant player stat is Speed, it doesn't matter if I play Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Southhampton, Sheffield United, Chrystal Palace or Norwich City. All of those team seem to be equally strong if they have a lot of players with the Speed stat. It makes sense the Star Rating is less dominant, if you can't get into duels. Just wondering if this is a bit unbalanced versus reality of the clubs in the premier league? Not all those clubs have superfast players? Do they?
  • Finished 3rd with Liverpool :), quite nice for a first time in Expert mode.

Season (playing with the Standard 5-3-2 tactic using Liverpool; added the Standard 5-3-2 tactic as Custom Tactic):
  • Injuries seem to be better balanced over the course of the whole season compared to the Career mode. Although using the Standard 5-3-2 tactic keeps players a bit farther away from the compact tactics. So it might just not be fair to compare this, using different tactics.
  • What I said about the dominant player stat being Speed at the Career mode, it also applies for the Season.
  • Finished 10th with Liverpool :unsure: , that was quite brutal and an eye opener. So I have now made two custom tactics based on Mozg's 5-1-2-2 tactic. Thas was about time, been playing the Amiga game for 4 years now.

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