What original SWOS sound files have been REPLACED in SWOS2020?

1 year 1 day ago - 1 year 1 day ago #144420 by captaincofresi
A while back there was the update 1.3.5 (2020-12-12) to addd more drums to the chants, what I know for sure is that this replaced the EREWEGO.RAW sound file. While also overwriting my custom COMcolor.RAW sound files with the original samples, that I had to fix again. I also use the static white noise BGCRD3L.RAW for the CHANT10L.RAW to make the chants sound less repetitive. And have a couple of different samples for the COMcolor.* sounds, this is either the static white noise or a chant like the Viking chant, the Lalalala chant or a club specific chant.

I have now two 'sound sets' for playing International (e.g. no Viking chant here, since that is kinda reserved just for Iceland; and Internationally it makes no sense to have the France and Italian teams sing 'come on you blues' in English) with the Netherlands and one for playing with Liverpool (e.g. added You'll Never Walk Alone to COMRED.RAW). And in both sets I now also added the EREWEGO.RAW that SWOS2020 uses for the extra drums.

In order to make both sound sets complete I would like to know if, besides the new SWOS2020 EREWEGO.RAW file there are also other SWOS2020 sound files that have replaced the original sounds (or in my case, some of my custom sounds from before the update). If I know this, I can figure out how to make my sounds sets complete, with the most recent SWOS2020 sounds next to my favorite custom sounds.

At the moment the sound file FIVENIL.RAW is under suspicion of being one of the SWOS2020 updated sound files that has been replaced.
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1 year 1 day ago #144421 by Playaveli
Hard to tell now... :D
Why don't you just check yourself and compare the files of original PC DOS 96/97 with 2020 sound files. There are not that many.

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1 year 1 day ago - 1 year 23 hours ago #144423 by captaincofresi
Thanks, you do have a point there ;-).
I just checked and checking date stamps might have been a good start ;-) .

If they do not have any of these date stamps, they are new sound files:
14-9-1995 xx:xx
21-9-1995 xx:xx
26-3-1996 xx:xx

And as I have overwritten the COMcolor.* with my own custom files, those are still unkown to me if SWOS2020 has updated files on those. Although I faintly remember how COMGREEN.* sounded, so I think those are the originals, but I cannot be 100% sure now. Also for other files I replaced I just don't know now, although with about all the score FX being updated there is quite a high probability the THREENIL.RAW has also been updated with a SWOS2020 version.

SWOS2020 sound FX files

All in all, nice work replacing quite a lot of sound files for SWOS2020 :-) to improve the sound overall.
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