Stats Simulators for Sensi

1 year 1 month ago #146464 by Jubigala10
I play the Sega Mega Drive/SNES version of Sensible Soccer.

As they have no built-in stats data like SWOS - I've been looking for a solution to create my own season stats (top scorers, top assists and that sort of thing) just for a bit of depth for the mods I'll be playing.

Does anyone know of any football stat simulators/apps - I'm looking for something that I can add player names to and it simulate stats, which I'll then collate into a graphic. As opposed to a pen and paper method, I mean.

I can't find anything like that on google, but I figured that someone of a Sensible nature may have thought of something like that.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I guess I could watch the other competition games and record the data, or play as every team to make it a longer experience.

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