SWOS XBM Premier League, Championship & League One - Rules

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OVERVIEW: www.sensiblesoccer.de/online-leagues/xbm

* 3 Minute Games.

* 3/5 Subs.

* Random Pitch Condition.

* Play Each Other Twice Home & Away.
Home Team Player Should Host The Game (Ranked/Player Match) and Has First Team Choice.
If You Are Having Trouble Connecting, Then The Away Team Player Can Try To Host But Still Has Second Team Pick.
Be Sure To Try Both Ranked & Player Match If You Aren't Connecting. Also the 'Invite' option.
Try to reset your Xbox console or router if it's still refusing to connect.
Another way of making a connection more reliable is to make sure any SKY, Virgin, BT etc TV Box is plugged out before playing.

* Each Division Will Have To Vote On If They Want To Ban (AC Milan, Barcelona, Real Madrid & Italy) For The Season Or Not. Divisions Could Differ In Preference.
If The Vote Is A Tie For Your Division, I Will Draw Out The Decision At Random Via A Live Draw On The Facebook Group.
If A Division Votes To Use AC Milan, Barcelona, Real Madrid & Italy ('Elite' Teams), It Would Be Worthwhile For The Home Team Player To Ask Who The Away Opposition Player Intends On Selecting For The Match (Whether They Wish To Use An 'Elite' Team Or Not). This Way You Have A Heads Up Of Whether To Match That Teams Strength Or Not With Another 'Elite' Team, But Of Course That Decision Is Solely Down To You, You Can Be Whoever You Want.

* Please State What Teams You Used In The Results Post On The Facebook Group (For Your Specific League), Along With The Result. Match Reports/Stats Are Very Much Welcome.
Please also ensure that the Home Team player and the Away Team player are put round the right way when posting results, eg; If Matt was Away and Tom was Home - Tom (Parma) 1-1 Matt (Liverpool).

* Disconnect Rule In Place (Check Announcements Section Of Facebook Group For The Two Videos).

* Kit Clash Rule: If a player is not happy with a particular clashing of team kits, either of you are permitted to quit the game before the kick off to try and get these kits to differ.
You get three attempts to do this. After the third attempt you must play regardless otherwise it could go on and on.

* Defaults In Place If Weekly Deadlines Aren't Met (Monday, 12pm - Monday, 12pm).
0-0 Default Draw If Both Players Make No Effort.
5-0 Default Loss To The Players That Didn't Make The Effort Despite Efforts From Their Opponent (5-0 Win To The Opponent Who Made The Effort).
Three Defaults That Are Intentional Will See You Kicked Out Of The Competition For Good and You Won't Be Able To Take Part In Any SWOS XBM Competitions Again (Unless It Was A Valid Reason).
Your Spot Will Become 'VACANT' and The Rest Of The Results Will Be Set At 5-0 Losses, Unless A Replacement Is Found.

* Please Make Me Aware Of Any Holidays At Least 7 Days Before. You Will Be Able To Play That Week/Weeks Matches Early Or When You Get Back If I'm Made Aware. Defaults Come Into Play If I'm Not Made Aware.

* Streaming/Recording Games Is Very Much Encouraged. The More The Better.

* I Will Post The Weekly Fixtures For Every League In The Facebook Messenger Group/What's App Group On Monday Afternoons.
I Will Post An 'Any Outstanding Games' Reminder On A Friday Evening.
Other Than That I Won't Be Chasing You, It's Down To You To Get Your Games Played and To Make Me Aware Of Any Opponents You've Tried To Get Hold Of But With No Joy.

* 3 Promoted (Championship & League One).

* 3 Relegated (Premier League & Championship).

* If The Goal Difference Is The Same At The End Of The Season Between Players, The Next Deciding Factor Would Be Goals Scored. If This Is The Same, It Would Go To Head To Head Record (Adding Both Results Together To Give An Overall Winner). If This Is Still The Same We Would Have To Do A Play-Off Scenario.

* Communicate With One Another Via The Facebook Messenger/What's App Groups. Also, message your opponents directly if your getting no joy in the respective groups.

* Games Can Be Played At Any Day/Time As Long As They Are Played From Monday (12pm) - Monday (12pm) Of That Particular Game Week. The Match Dates On The League Website Are Just There As A Guideline.

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