[Request] Beginners Guide to PC SWOS

8 years 4 months ago #130804 by DoTa

At the end of the day, just need to make a bit of effort to make it more accessible/visible for newbies.

Exactly! 8)

Absolutly also my opinion. Im working on it. Was a bit shocked, that nothing change in this way after 2-3 years offline. But this shows me also we (as community) need to do it. So I hope I can represent something in the near future :).

But we can list what is negative and what need to do in future,

My List:

add Aswos
add Plaswos (allready in chat with orlesio, probably i can with or without bring out an update include swosIT)

How to play online:
new Videos
new Description (alpha stadium at my pc till end of month, ill release on forum)

Other Information:
Multiplayer in general
SWOS versions and which you can play online or offline As table
League strucure as Map and some Informations

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