Editor 1.3 - SWOS 1617 problems - Please help me.

5 years 8 months ago #140215 by Matte
I have major issues with the editor to the Sensible world of soccer.

I have downloaded the game SWOS 1617 and Sensible world of editor soccer ver 1.3. I use it with DOS on my PC.

My goal is to use the editor to recreate old teams and leagues from the 90s. I have tried to set up various national teams, and two leagues – the first divisons of Italy and Sweden.

One problem I have is that I m not so knowledgeable on computers. I am an old man who used the Amiga 500 in the 1990s. One thing I do not understand is, for example, how the editor should be linked - set swos.exe path to define swos executable file.
I simply do not understand how this works, what it is, the logic.
This has meant that I can not change, for example, the league structure in Sweden with the editor. During the time period that I want to play, the highest Swedish league had 12 teams, and not 14 set in the editor. I can not change this, because all the league structures in the editor are like reset zero?
However, I managed to set up the league by simply creating a diy league and selecting 12 teams out of the 14. Then save it, play matches, etc. The problem is that there is missing club teams which must be added. And I have never understood how it works.

But yesterday, I tried in the editor that instead of pressing file-load team file and uploading individual team files, I pressed the open SWOS data directory button. And then, in the list of countries for different countries, I could choose individual national team files. Then it was also possible to use the function add team . Which I did. I do not understand how general ID number works, but tried to choose the number which spontaneously came up within the editor. That way I could add one club team in Sweden. Then create it from scratch s a s.
But I m also playing the Italian league. There were Cremonese and Lecce missing in the editor. Who I have added - but that I did via custom teams , that type of team file, s a s. Yesterday I tried to add Cremonese into the Italy team file instead, ie country number 20.
I added the new team by continuing numerically from the number I added in the Swedish league and then pressed save current team file .

Then it turned out that Sweden , ie country team file 36, had completely disappeared and replaced with Italy country file, ie all Italian club teams !!!!
Sweden and its club team were gone.

I suspect that the basic error is that I have entered the set swos.exe path incorrectly. It is set to the same location as data folder , ie in the folder SWOS1617 – game - data .

I do not understand the logic of how this editor works. Therefore all I do is merely by chance .

All help would be really invaluable to me! :)


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5 years 8 months ago #140218 by Playaveli
Thanks for posting! I will try to answer detailed tomorrow.

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5 years 8 months ago #140285 by Matte
Will there be any answer? That would mean a lot.

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5 years 7 months ago #140309 by Playaveli
Set SWOS exe path: set path to swsengpp.exe from your GAME directory!
If you add teams to one league, you MUST take them away from another league, to maintain total team number.
Use the editor to adjust it.

Come to Discord chat, contact me there... I can show how it works via team viewer. Much easier than typing my fingers bloody... :P

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