Spain 16/17 national team - Goalie teleports in box - bug in SWOS 16/17 offline

3 years 11 months ago - 3 years 11 months ago #138110 by captaincofresi
Just wondering if anyone else playing with the Spain 16/17 national team noticed the following bug: the goalkeeper teleports from place to place in the box. Please note this only happens when playing with Custom Teams :-\ , when playing a friendly Spain 16/17 vs Germany with national teams in the offline 16/17 game it doesn t happen.

Here is the video of the goalkeeper bug: . Please note that both teams are either Spain 16/17 or based on Spain 16/17. Running the 16/17 offline game here. And they are from the Custom Teams list, from the online savedisk.

This also happens when playing Spain 16/17 versus Real Madrid 16/17 from the custom teams. So it s not just that this happens against the exact same team, so it seems that the bug is only with the national team of Spain 16/17 on the Custom Teams online savedisk when using it vs. the cpu.

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