Hi to All,i need help about editing swos

2 years 4 months ago - 2 years 4 months ago #144024 by breakz
Hi to everyone.

i am an old swos player and lately i wanted to start again to play with swos by winUAE.

Now being under windows 10 64 bit and (luckily) not having any problem about playing swos 97-97 (adf),or swos 2020 (hdf) i would like to know which kind of editor can i used to edit it ( adf or hdf) and how because i used these editors and i always receive some kind of errors :

- SWOSES 1.3 (for what i know i can not use the PP.EXE to unpack the teamdata file due to win10 64 bit)

- SOSFFF ( is it only for the pc version of swos?)

- AG SWSEDT 2.4.7 (the last version,where i can not open the team data files or simply i do not get the exact procedure IF also this editor can edit the amiga team data files..)

so can you give me some hints?

OR is it better to use the whiteulver editor (swoses 1.85)?... whdload version so could you explain me how to install the game,editor and how to start and use them?

then i am also searching the SWOS 97-97 hdf file and also SWOS 97-98 (the official / unofficial update) in hdf format : could you tell me where can i find them or directly email me them?

Obviously i installed the adfview.

i also searched in so many forums about some informations but i could not find anything...or almost!

Thank you in advance for everything!
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2 years 4 months ago #144032 by Playaveli
Use anoxic's editor. And rnc propack to unpack and repack files for Amiga format.

rncgui is here: discordapp.com/channels/2386759909251481...1/701805507060695150

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2 years 4 months ago #144040 by breakz
Thanks playaveli!

and thanks about also the discord channell BUT :

- even if i log in discord and then click on the link you gave me,it just brings me in the discord mainpage...did i do something wrong or if rncgui is a friend's nick can ou give me the nickname's code to add it?...or...?

- then about the anoxic editor you mean...that editor with the amiga team datqa files (but before using them i need to see them with adfview take them,unpacking them with rnc,editing them with the editor and then packing them again with rnc propack?

thanks in advance for evertything again!

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2 years 4 months ago #144042 by Playaveli
rncgui is a program! cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/438407577...288812071/rncgui.exe

Unpack Amiga files (or just use the SWOS 2020 files / DOS files and edit them), then use rncgui to pack them to Amiga format again and insert them to HDF.

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2 years 4 months ago #144050 by breakz
Hi Playaveli!

Thanks a lot about your reply and sorry about my late reply!

Then sorry but i ask you this too:

Because there is that problem about the last totalpack amiga files (about the raised difficulty) i would like to edit the original swos 9697 files and thanks to rncgui (with the swosed editor) i can edit the team file ONLY if i load them 1 by 1 (then saving by the editor and then packing them and insert them in the hdf file)

Obviously i also tried this :

I took all the files inside the original data folder inside the hdf file,unpacked them,put only the unpacked file (includedEUROCUP,EUROCWCPOOLPLYR,TEAM000 and UEFACUP.TMD) to simulate the original editor function with PP.EXE and then also set the path for the SWS2 amiga exe file (afteri took it out from the hdf file and put in a folder with the data folder with the unpacked file ) but it...basically the editor does not find this data file inside the folder (if i set the path by with the editor by "open" in the menu) and it gave me back a runtime error if i try to edit the world cup (this needs the SWS2 amiga exe file). .. can you also help me here?..do i miss something..do i put the files in a wrong folder to edit them?
(if i use the swosed editor,should i also use the fix foreign market function in the swosff editor or..?)

The curious thing is that i can edit the pc files of the total pack (everything,also the competitions,without any sort of error) by the swosed...
(in the pc data folder i found some files that they are not present in the amiga data folder like TEAM47,57,59,68,70,74 and TEAM.CUS (the customs team) : i think that if insert them in the amiga data file...it will crush right?)

then by using the anoxic editor too i can edit everything but this editor seems to open only the pc files right? and in the case that i use the pc data files,once i finish editing them and saved them,i just need to pack them with rnc.gui to change them in amiga format file so i am able to insert them in the hdf file?

Also the anoxic editor need the "fix foreign market" function or..?

i ask this because if i can not find the way to edit (also) the competiion files (amiga version) i start to think to edit the original swos9697 pc version files...where if my intuition is correct i should edit them also by the swosed editor..

Thanks again in advance,Playavely!

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