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This editor is for PC SWOS ;)

Just to clarify, this is an editor that can only be use on a PC machine to edit SWOS team files (that are compatible across both PC and Amiga)? As opposed to a Amiga SWOS editor, that can be used only on an Amiga machine?

I am trying to create a CUSTOMS.EDT file with four teams all based on Brazil 96/97 (so I used 2x the normal one and 2x the blue one from a CUSTOM.EDT save disk I had from a while back).

So I tried to create a CUSTOMS.EDT with this editor on my PC and just put it in the SWOS folder of SWOS2020 and set it to read-only. This did work when I had two teams, both based on either Brazil 96/97 and Brazil 96/97 Blue from an older CUSTOMS.EDT file I had from the savedisk for online play. It worked in SWOS2020 set to Amiga mode play for a Friendly match.

The thing is, I created two more teams. ALSO BOTH also based on Brazil 96/96 and Brazil 96/97 Blue from the exact same file. This gives issues when selecting the teams for a DIY tournament. I think it is because I now have 2 x two teams who have the same Index # in the CUSTOMS.EDT. The trouble is I cannot see where or how I can change that number in this editor.

So I think the problem lies in this:

Team A = Index # 45
Team B = Index # 28

Team C = Index # 45 (how to change this?)
Team D = Index # 28 (how to change this?)

I switched to this editor, since at the moment the ingame editor does NOT save (I had recently already one hour of work destroyed due to this bug / feature, due to the DLCs maybe). So I can also NOT just use the original 96/97 database in SWOS2020 to import the Brazil 96/97 team ingame, something I would do otherwise.

Another thing I tried is try to Copy/Paste each player to a different team in the editor. Well, for me the Copy Player is just grey in the editor and unavailable, so that is also not an option.

Hope someone can help with these issues?
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Well I kinda pointed out my own mistake ;-) , due to not using the ingame editor, the index numbers were able to be duplicated. So now that I have found a workaround to use the ingame editor, this issue is solved now. See the it explained below.

Well, eventually I did find a workaround on how to use the ingame editor. Just start SWOS2020 as standard, with the 96/97 original database. Start the SWOS2020 game Windowed. Go to edit 'Editted custom teams' , and import Brazil 96/97 there into a FREE SLOT four times and edit teams accordingly. Then, go to the Explorer and backup the current CUSTOMS.EDT with your new teams and also set it to Read Only so that it will be available the next time you start SWOS2020 (if you want to edit it, just take it off read-only during the edit, and be sure to put it back to read only before you close the SWOS2020 program).
Last edit: 4 months 3 days ago by captaincofresi. Reason: realising it was my own mistake that caused the problem in the first place ;-)

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