Kick Off 2 World Cup - 12-13 November

9 years 6 months ago #103565 by Sober
I may be brave to post this here or perhaps stupid - maybe a bit of both! But a group of us Kick Off 2 fans in Birmingham England have organised countless tournaments and decided now to attempt to organise the biggie - a Kick Off 2 World Cup. An event literally 10 years in the making.

Who can forget the game wars over which footy classic was the best eh? But thats the point, they were both classics! and no matter which side of the fence you sat, there s no denying that the accessability of both SWOS and Kick Off 2 far exceeds the more detailed, yet strangely unfulfilling and non too exciting modern footy games.

I myself loved both games, have very fond memories of getting the first iteration of Sensible Soccer where you could play the European Championships and remember excitedly getting SWOS for Christmas (and then looking the free cover disk which contained a significant more injuries!). Also played SWOS a few years back through this very website but then found and pinned my sleeve firmly on the KO2 stance - but I thoroughly enjoyed taking the opportunity to play both and this is what this world cup is all about...

People from all over Europe will congregate in Birmingham this November for a fantastic weekend of retro gaming. Every player is seeded so whatever your level, you’ll be sure to have close, competitive games in either of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Cup Competitions. Whereas most gaming these days is a solitary pursuit (even when playing online), there’s something thrilling about lining up against someone who’s in the same room. Trust me, the atmosphere at some of these tournaments is amazing with the shouting and cheering lol.

What we r also trying to introduce the idea of clans. Imagine a group of SWOS players turning up and kicking the arse of the KO2 die hard. How bitter sweet would that make you guys feel eh? hehe Beating us at our own game as it were. We r trying to get clans whether they be from retro sites, Championship Manager fans, Emlyn Hughes fans, Fifa fans and Pro Evo fans. We want this event not only to revel in the glory thats Kick Off but also to unify all these players for one common interest - feel free to use the opportunity to publicise your own events too - maybe get new players!

So lets let bygones be bygones and so if you had an interest in SWOS, you invariably loved Kick Off 2 beforehand (if you r a true 16-Bit player who was there from the beginning) or fancy trying to win the world cup for your country, want to relive the golden era of gaming or simply want to meet up and engage with retro gaming enthusiasts then this is for you.

Click here for more details

...or just go here and register!

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9 years 6 months ago #103567 by dimetrodon
Am just a user of this forum, but I am very happy to see: There is another living community out there with similar passion. I would be more happy just if many of you would join us and also play Sensible Soccer too ;) Maybe some do! :)

Have Fun and Good Luck in your competition, and I guess some player here would interested!

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9 years 6 months ago #103568 by Retrieving
cool stuff and mad props for keeping the KO scene alive.

Why don t you guys play online as well though?

I went to the KO gathering online section a couple months ago cause I felt like playing a couple matches but it all seemed pretty dead at the time. What is it, lag/input delay issues?

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9 years 6 months ago #103570 by Sober
A few of the guys are working on something behind the scenes. Cant really give too much details away but hopefully when a lot of testing has been sorted you l be able to play online. Lag was one major issue I have to say and on a game as fast paced as Kick Off it was unforgivable really. Even now, you notice the slight nuances between online and offline gameplay.
I do like to play online - as I said, I enjoyed playing through this website - but after experiencing the agony and the joy of actually going to a location to play a retro game there s no going back for me. Quite like the social aspect but also at times it gets like a football match when a group of people sidle up to a particular game and start rooting for someone.

Would you be up for attending matey? Maybe even get a few other SWOS fans and experiencing a joyous world cup weekend? We d certainly make you feel welcome.

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9 years 1 month ago #107958 by gdh82
Replied by gdh82 on topic Re: Kick Off 2 World Cup - 12-13 November
I m just about recovered from a great weekend now - hehe - but if anyone is interested, here s a link to stories, results, pictures and videos from the event.... t=16412

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