Sensible Days 2022 - Barcelona, Spain

1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 11 months ago #146138 by gatifun

Only few hours since we said goodbye and hug each others, We wanted to say thank you to everyone for coming and making Sensible Days as awesome as they are.

Together with the rest of admins Nestoroide, Crom, Fujimoto and Ragama, we only can appreciate very much the big amount of players who joined and the new participants who are growing and enriching the Community.

In the background but always top working and sharing their efforts:

Xflea, Playaveli and Djwoger supporting and guiding us much long before Sensidays finally arrived.
Danish crew and xflea bringing all the necessary stuff, and I think Eiffel Crew has brought it as well, don’t them? Besides this, working in settings and set ups non stop.

And what about this German Motor Engine of ElMichaj working every minute of the Days from the first second to the latest? Amazing, well done mate! Just thinking about the number of results and matches he has created, I already feel dizzy, and all the questions answered...

As well Dzem doing many things to prepare properly every tourney and many others who help as much as they can and make possible to enjoy Sensidays all these years.

Finally, thanks very much as well to Can Masriera Venue, amazing place, an incredible site, with lovely people, with great patience and professionalism.

Thank you very much, I think we have a nice future ahead and enjoyable time. Let’s go on!
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1 year 11 months ago #146141 by Bomb
nothing to add here... really an event by and for the community!
days must go on!
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