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11 years 2 months ago #113181 by lobo
Not much to be added now. Just some credits to the organizers, whatever you guys lacked in experience you more than made up in commitment and enthusiasm. Thanks again for putting it together for us all. Both world champions Playa Ali have truly deserved their titles. Happy to see old champion coming back and a new one emerging. Thanks to Bomb for a thrill of 360 minutes 16 penalties, never played a penalty shoot out offline before. Crowd s reaction to it has softened a blow of going out in this manner. Great to meet old new acquaintances, hope to see you again soon.

P.S. Caught myself whistling Hasst du der eine schultzebrau??? when opening my beer today.

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11 years 2 months ago #113183 by torpedo
i can t stop whistling the Schulten Brau song since saturday.

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11 years 2 months ago #113184 by AndYpsilon
So here again the full hymn to Schultenbräu - to teach your children, grandparents, uncles, sisters etc. :D

Hast Du denn ein Schultzenbrau, Schultzenbrau, Schultzenbrau?
Hast Du denn ein Schultzenbrauc - SCHULTZENBRAU?

Nein ich hab kein Schultzenbrau, Schultzenbrau, Schultzenbrau!
Nein ich hab kein Schultzenbrau - SCHULTZENBRAU!

Dann gib mir ein Kaizerskroon, Kaizerskroon, Kaizerskroon,
dann gib mir ein Kaizerskroon - KAIZERSKROON!

Kaizerskroon ist wunderschön, wunderschön, wunderschön!
Kaizerskroon ist wunderschön - WUNDERSCHÖN!!!

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11 years 2 months ago #113194 by St.Vitus

Due to technical problems X-Box cup has been replaced by an eating competition. Winner: SWOS-Hool ;)

Thought it was replaced by the Who-wears-the-funniest-hat? competition. ;)

Winner: SWOS-Hool (sure)
Second: Boesjesman :D
Third: Nakkeost ???

;D ;D ;D

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11 years 2 months ago #113199 by dior
A few words from me. It was a wonderful time with you guys again! I truly hope that we’ll see each other next year. Me and Primo had quite complicated trip from Warsaw to Almelo (plain to Wroclaw, then plain to Eindhoven, Bus to train station, train to Almelo with 1 transfer and finally short drive by a car with Rock). But what can you do to join Sensi Days :) It was worth it of course!
Congratulations to Playa and Ali. Was true pleasure to see outstanding performance of you guys! Playa did fantastic come back after 3 years and Ali won finally in style.
I wana to thanks dutch crew for organizing the tournament. For me it was nearly excellent. We can complain on some little things, but the most important cases was almost perfect. Fantastic atmosphere, climate, great localization, good timing in both tournaments! And some extra adds (especially those folk artists – really cool). Pspin – you did great job by keeping all things together. Mark – was good to see you as enthusiastic as always! Swoozh – soo good to finally meet you, hope we will meet again Mate! Take care and thanks for everything! And finally the good spirit of whole event – Rock and Roll. Man I wish I have half of your positive energy. Thank you for all help!
My “sport performance” was as pity as always (better on PC then on Amiga – wtf?!). But I enjoyed it as always, it’s all about fun after all! I thing I have only one regret – I had great opportunity to take revenge on Andy (he kicked me out in KO Amiga in Wroclaw 2010). I really, really, really wanted to beat you Andy. Unfortunately you are just too strong. After first game 0-3 I did 2-0 in second game, had some chances, but Andy bring me back to earth by scoring two goals. Andy, next year I will do it 8)
I want to thanks Elmichaj and Bomb – good old friends from Berlin. Thanks goes to Playa also, it’s just good that you came back! Swos deserves for it’s champion ;) Was nice to see Pallister also – and yeah, I still remember you goal from Wroclaw! World Class!
Thank you Marin for good coordination of our PC group, I think we did quite nice job in spite of some calibration problems at the beginning.
And finally thank you polish f*** swos team! I can go with you guys at the end of the world, even one step further!

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11 years 2 months ago #113204 by St.Vitus
I also want to say some words after my first Sensi-Days have passed by:

It was a great honour to see so many high class players in one place, especially the f*** polish SWOS Team, the guys from Bulgaria, Hungary and of course the host players from the Netherlands. So many legendary players I formerly heard about or at least played and irced over the 3 years, I am active in SWOS. Now I was able to attend while live performing. Impressive for me too watch. Lots to learn for me, no doubt.

Last year I already met the Danish players Djowger and Klaris also the Turkish players Ali and HakanFB at Pallisters. Good to see you again and thanks to Ali for the performance in the final, I managed to tape the whole thing somehow with the Rock-cam. ;)

Also great to meet Playaveli at last. Thanks for picking me up at my hometown, driving me to Almelo and
sharing a room with me without snoring. (At least I heard nothing.) ;D Now my daughter also knows the world champion. :o

Thanks to Eifel-Crew for the best singing performance (introducing Boesjesman and Nakkeost), great to see again Paider, Thomas and AndYpsilon. I am afraid I will not make it to the cup in winter, you know why. ;D

Always nice to meet Schulle, Pallister and the Berlin Crew (El Cheffe and Bombinho). (Micha: Next time I will bring you some tobacco.)

Finally a word for the fantastic organizers, mainly PSPin and Rock: You can always improve something, true, but in this case you always did your best to keep everyone satisfied. The place was awesome, the weather perfect for playing computer-games, and there was enough to drink and eat for everyone. Beds and showers simple but comfortable. What more do we need? We were not there for sleeping :-) Peter and Rock deserved an extra price (maybe for the not played Sega Sensi Tournament) just for getting everything done! Thanks guys! Thanks for your effort! Rock: I enjoyed the time when we were going to get the Schulten-Brau..... Finally found the Aldi ;)

Hope I will meet you all again someday. Will never forget the culture program and the stupid joke from Chris:

Alle trinken warmes Bier - außer Du und wir (no translation available). ;D

Offline rulez!

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11 years 2 months ago #113214 by Blazej_Bdg
Ok, time for a few words from me.


Thank you Pspis and RockandRoll! Maybe some shops with food/beers was too far to go at the tournament time, and there was too many onions in food, but WHO CARE!? It was a perfect time with so many swos-fans! Really thank you guys!


No comment...


No comment...

I couldn t concentrate on game, but both winners: Playavali and Ali were of course the best and this tittles is tottaly deserved for them.

It was a pleasure to meet first time some of online oldstars like Playavali, Djowger, Ali, Rock, and more.

See you next year!!

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11 years 2 months ago #113220 by Marin Parushev
Hello from me,

It is very nice to read the reports from the other players. So here is mine. I can say that my trip was as complicated as Dior s. Two planes, two trains and a taxi were necessary for the Bulgarian crew this year to get to Almelo.
The location was not the perfect one in my opinion. There were no shops nearby and the guest house was not a very clean one. However I stick to my opinion before the tournament that the price was normal and justified by the standards in the Netherlands. And of course the things I mention above were not of great importance.
Unfortunately on Friday I couldn t celebrate the upcoming event with the other players since I was very tired from the long trip.

On the first day in the PC SWOS I had an easy group. I started very well but then I got my best striker injured and played 3-4 matches without him. That made things harder and in the end I lost my last group game against Schulle.
In the first two k/o rounds I had no problems with Gomi and Paider with 4 confident wins. In the quarter-finals games with Playaveli were top class. I think he adapted well against my gameplay while I spent most of the time thinking about referee decisions not in my favour instead of thinking how to score. The comeback in the second game was awesome (just watch the replay)! In the third game I had the initiative but in the extra time I failed. Not the first time I get eliminated in the QF by the future winner but maybe the closest result so far. Maybe I just need more supporters next time like MCT, Dennis and sober Nikola Popoff because the German fans behind me really made me feel like the away team.

In Amiga on Sunday I had low expectations maybe because of my terrible performance last year. My grouped looked much harder than the PC one. I started with a hard win against a strong player like Pallister but then I lost to Bromberg (who finished last in the group I think) 0-1. Then I won 4 matches in a row and Bromberg stopped me again - this time with a draw 1-1. The happy end of the group was for me however and I secured the first place 1 game before the end. In the K/O my confidence was shaken but I managed to eliminate Klinki. Then a terrible thing happened - while waiting for my next games I cut my thumb while playing with a Coca-Cola can. Despite that I won vs Klaris with a result that did not actually represent the real situation on the pitch. A great help from these games until the end gave me the man of the tournament - Rock Roll! A BIG THANK YOU man. Without your support I wouldn t have made it. He sat behind near me, gave me valuable advices and encouraged me! My next opponent - Foka, was a player who had already eliminated me in Sensi Days before. After a 1 goal win in my home game I thought it was all over for me but with confident play in the second game I was already in the semi-final. There I took a sweet revenge from Blazej for losing last year s PC SWOS final. In the final Ali was much better than me and the only thing I regret was that I couldn t give more drama and suspense to the crowd behind.

About the organization - I am sure PSPin put a lot of effort in it before and during the tournament so he also deserves a BIG THANK YOU! Only timing of the meals was not good. Because of that maybe some food was left on Monday.

I would like to comment on some things that did not make me good impression during the tournament.
I think games should be played with the original SWOS sound instead of rock music. Or at least can the rock music be a background?
I don t think it is fair play to shout at your opponent s face when you score a goal. There are other ways of expressing your happiness I guess.
I don t think supporters/swos fans watching the game should sit next to the players in the knock-outs. That is a huge distraction.
I don t think that top goal scorer prize should be given to the player who scored most goals on average. In football world cup finals this trophy is always given to the player who scored most goals no matter in how many games he played.

To sum up my whole experience - I was happy to be a part of this tournament and I really hope that I will be able to join next year! It was great to meet players I already knew and players I had only heard of before (St. Vitus, Klaris and ROCK ROLL!)

See you next year!

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11 years 2 months ago #113222 by djowGer
I guess it is my time to throw in some words about this years Sensible Days..

For a long time it looked like this event was only going to be 25 ish people or so. I never expected to see so many old and new faces when i first signed up for the event. Im really happy that we made it to around 40 players. And I must say that I had a real sensible time in the company of so many great people, players and good friends. Good games, talks and funny episodes over and over again. Despite not having been to Sensible days since Fulda in Germany, I felt right at home meeting the old school players again and the new faces like rock, swos-hool, kuba, boesjman, domi..... :)

In my opinion the location was really good. Enough space for everyone, good rooms for chilling, playing and the sleeping rooms were fine too. The only negative thing I can think of is that the place might be a little too isolated for players not travelling by car. Since I didn t have that problem I couldn t complain.

Organization wise, there were room for improvements here and there. Timing of food could have run more smoothly, and looked to be honest a little chaotic at times. Running out of beer was expected with so many hard drinkers in place :P But overall I think Pspin, Rock, M4rk and Swoozh did a good job for a first big tournament in Holland for a long time.

I didn t really know what to expect competetion wise with so many good players around, but with a few months of recent online playing, and many offline cups in dk, I felt confident enough to hope for a medal in one of the tourneys. So Im really happy that I managed to achieve my goal with the 2nd place in PC SWOS.
However, not having seen the replays from the finals yet, surely Im hugely dissapointed in not going all the way and taking home the title to Denmark. But congrats to Playaveli once again, you played like a champion and kept your head cool when you needed it the most. Well done my friend.
On the amiga I was hoping to do well also, but the later champion made it pretty clear that he was on a mission and noone would be able to stop him this day, despite that all polish players looked really sharp. Congrats to Ali with the most deserved Amiga Sensible Days title I can remember.

And now for some suggestions for next editions:
1. Penalties deciding a world cup game with a coin toss, I mean wtf!? - Tradition/part of the game or one of those lame excuses. This is a joke despite the entertainment it was. If it happened to myself i don t know what i would do with my temper.. and this already happened at the the salghetto cup ealier, but at the world cup?! Games should be decided by the players stamina and skill instead of luck. So put in another replay game instead.
2. Please don t bring hardware that is not fully tested or useable (older amigas that gives lags in swos). I also brought 2 set of speakers only to find out sound drivers were missing or sound cards not working on the playing pc s!!! This is merely a matter of better planning.
3. Plastic cups, plates, knives, forks etc. Too much time was used doing the dishes. This could easily have been avoided.

Of course a big thx for organizing and to everyone who joined us, thx for keeping swos alive! Even if we don t meet so often, these offline meetings is worth every euro spent and km travelled to new and old swos destinations.. what s next? ;)

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11 years 2 months ago #113224 by Rock and Roll
All photos I hadn t yet uploaded to the Live updates:

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