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2 years 3 months ago #141994 by EllisD6983
Money Problem was created by EllisD6983
Hi all. First of all, fantastic work on the SWOS games, I ve only just recently found out the updates even exist. SWOS 2020 sounds like it will be incredible.

I want to know if the finance problems are going to be resolved in the update? In the old versions, you would always go in to debt once you signed good players. The wage bill and especially the running costs would always go mad. Especially coming towards the end of your career. I remember being teams from Division Three all the way to the Premier League, winning every competition every season and STILL going millions and millions in to debt and it would get gradually worse each year, even without buying any players. It just spirals out of control which is not realistic at all when you are winning every competition every season, and not even being able to buy one player. And I m not talking about having a squad of 25 of the world s best players either. Anyone who has done a career save will know what I am talking about. And it makes no difference if you start with Man Utd or Bury.

Will that be fixed in the new update? Is there a way, surely, to edit it to make the wages and running costs stay lower? I know you can use a money cheat, but A. I don t know how to download one and use it, and B. If you are winning the Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup every year, you shouldn t HAVE to cheat to stay out of debt and be able to buy players. Teams should be able to stay afloat just by being in the Premier League alone.

Also, will you be able to remove the twenty season career from the full game without any editor required? It was always gutting to have a good save going only to have to lose it because of the daft, inexplicable twenty season career limit. I read about the update to the 16/17 version but I have no idea where to find the download or how to use any kind of editing programs, so it would be good if the option could be in the game from the start.

Cheers for reading, and thanks once again to everyone who has put hard work in to these updates. If you need any help with the attributes and positions for the Rotherham squad for the 2020 version or any future versions I will be only too happy to help.

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2 years 3 months ago #141996 by Playaveli
Replied by Playaveli on topic Re: Money Problem
You have to fix this yourself in being able to achieve success with CHEAP players, or even TRAIL/RES players. Then you do not get in debt.
In reality, only 1-2 teams in the premier league are able to have the black ZERO. The rest makes loss.

We are looking into 20-season-career-limit.

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2 years 3 months ago #141997 by EllisD6983
Replied by EllisD6983 on topic Re: Money Problem
Is there no other way round it? It would make the game more realistic and enjoyable if you could sign good players and stay out of the debt. Even back in 1996 when the game was made most Prem clubs were ok. If you start off with a top team in the Prem you have to sell your best players to stay afloat. I think the makers of SWOS made a serious error there.

And even moreso nowadays, with all the money floating about in the Premier League, they can all afford to spend tens of millions on players and still stay out of debt. It s just not realistic or enjoyable to not be able to improve your squad each season.

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2 years 3 months ago #141998 by EllisD6983
Replied by EllisD6983 on topic Re: Money Problem
When I say, is there no other way round, I understand you are one of the main people involved with editing the game. Is there an actual way of editing the wages and running costs or is the game fixed so you can t do it?

Because I see that players values have gone up in the new versions too, so surely that also puts up running costs and wages? Has there been anything done to combat this, like higher gate receipts?

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2 years 3 weeks ago #142364 by pipo
Replied by pipo on topic Money Problem
Hi guys,

The money bug is a known issue since the career option began however many years ago it was (I adored this game and wasted far too many months of life playing...well playing other games actually when I should have been playing SWOS!!)

I remember fairly clearly what would happen - as the years ticked by, the gate receipts for an average match would increase slightly. When the gate receipts reached a certain total, it would "lose" the first ("leftmost", if you're an amateur/pro coder like me!) "1". I could never work out if this was a "binary" error or a "decimal" error, but it most certainly was an error. Big matches would be the ones to suffer first, as they generally attracted the biggest crowds.

I would suspect that it was a binary error because the leftmost "1" would be lost even though the length of the number (i.e. how many digits it has) stayed the same.

Early on in your career, no matter where you started out in the hierarchy, this would be less of a problem as whatever multiplier they used to increase the average gate receipts over time was quite low in when your career was in the first, second, third etc season. As the seasons advanced, the bug became more visible.

It has nothing to do, as I see it, with the quality/price of player you had at the club.

cheers, Phil

ps: Although this seems like my first post, I'm pretty sure this is the same site I was signed up for a couple of years ago, so apologies for not formally introducing myself apart from Phil, mid-40's, Irish, SWOS addict!

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