Re: What's the best soccer game, excluding SWOS?

9 years 7 months ago #121046 by Playaveli

I really like Super Soccer on the SNES, when it comes to two player matches. Against CPU it is to easy and to much in one way so it is fun, but it is not very eciting after two or three matches vs. cpu.
Maybe I should try Super Formation Soccer 94. It is based on Super Soccer but only released in Japan.

I like Super Soccer, too! Has a good (if not the best) penalty shootout mode of any 16bit-soccer game.

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9 years 7 months ago - 9 years 7 months ago #121049 by HairFU
Not only the Penaltys are great. It is a little bit like Sensible Soccer (sure, not the perfection). You have to do evrything by yourself. There is only a shoot and a pass button. If you need a cross you have to train a lot to do it well, you can also make curled shoots and so on. I like it.

But I really like the old fashion football games. It is more the sports that is in the focus and not the ambiance (like in FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, Internation Superstar Soccer and so on). I like also Virtual Soccer, Microprose Soccer, Lothar Matthäus Soccer, Dino Dinis Soccer, Striker and Action Soccer.
When I was a kid, I was really a Soccergame addict. Love to play them all.

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8 years 6 months ago #126614 by sokratees9
My football gaming history

- BBC Model B - nothing on there that I remember
- Amiga 600 - Sensible Soccer 1.1 and most of the subsequent SWOS titles, and as we all know, they re simply the best
- Striker, was fun, lots of goals
- SNES - Striker (again), had a great indoor version that my brother and I used to rack up scores of 23-22 in relatively short games. Maybe they had indoor in the Amiga version, but I don t remember it
- Kevin Keegan s Player Manager, a lot like Kick Off 2 (I think the game engine was based on that), was never a big fan
- Super Soccer, like others said on here, surprisingly decent, and really enjoyed the penalty shoot outs
- ISS (and deluxe version), this was really good stuff when it came out, I still enjoy from time to time now
- PC - tooled around with a few later 3D games on it, but nothing every really grasped me like Amiga SWOS
- Championship Soccer - little indie game that you played as a single player on the pitch, and you had to control his career, actually wasn t bad
- Sony Ericsson D750i- Sensible Soccer, some crazy developer made a version for this phone, and it was surprisingly decent, considering the platform s limitations. I think it led to the demise of the little thumstick on my phone. I still have that phone somewhere, but I don t think it boots any more. Better than anything I ve tried on modern smart phones.

A lot of the rest of my time was spent on manager games.

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8 years 4 months ago #127417 by mrbungle
In my opinion it must be Goal! (for the Amiga) far

Then probably Kick Off 2 (Amiga) and Player Manager (Amiga)


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  • leftkick
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7 years 8 months ago #130511 by leftkick
One of my favs was always World Cup 1998 :D Got me into playing football.

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  • catstevens
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7 years 5 months ago #131617 by catstevens
Replied by catstevens on topic Re: What's the best soccer game, excluding SWOS?
A particular year? As the entire FIFA series as been pretty spot on for such a long time :) Oh, while I m here...does anyone know of an online soccer game that can be used for LAN parties? I want to use this service for game server hosting, as I play Counter-Strike and Minecraft with co-op play, and it s super fun :)

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  • jsantos
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4 years 3 weeks ago - 4 years 3 weeks ago #141403 by jsantos

Any suggestions?

In 2003 I ve found a hidden gem inside a game mag called Total Soccer 2000. Two years later I found by chance the previous version Total Soccer. That time I ve neverheard about Kick Off series or SWOS. Today I m still playing Total Soccer 2000/Total Soccer - great gameplay/ball control, freedom in the pitch. Through these years I found many titles that worth a try and really matters to soccer video games history for different platforms : SWOS-hard to master but funny /Football Glory - more playable than SWOS and funny/MUTD the Double ( all for Amiga- FS AUE) ; Sensible Soccer 2006 PC - i didn t realize how addictive it was ; PES 1/2 (PS2)/TIF -This is Football/World Tour Soccer series (PS2- great footage and using top down camera.The close ups ruin the game); Active Soccer 2DX-playable but not responsive (Android); Super Arcade Football (PC)-a mix of KICK OFF and SWOS - with tiny players on large pitch but with a lot of potential (PC -Steam); FIFA titles from 09 to 15 ( PS3 ).
But above all I prefer this lightweight called Total Soccer.

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  • rik81
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3 years 11 months ago #141549 by rik81

I love soccer games. my first love was Emlyn Hughes International Soccer. hours and hours of challenges with my cousins. then it was the turn of sensible soccer, the amiga version the best of all. now I ve updated it to 2018/2019, I always play with it. among these I insert winning eleven 9 liveware evolution for pc, great gameplay ... currently I have updated it to 2017/2018 ... among the great ones certainly not missing PES6. here I open a separate chapter: my fellow countryman, Matteo Ucci, updates it every day. the NODRESS PATCH, the best in circulation, allows updates of the values ​​of individual players via FOs published day by day, all updated to 2019/2020 (to be released in September). all the stadiums of the participating teams ... but the best thing is that the online community is very active: tournaments, championships and 2vs2 challenges. also for those who share their goals, participate in the weekly assignment of the puscas prize.
for those interested I leave link to the facebook portal:

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